Forget the benz, choose something affordable

By Brent Thompson |Staff Writer|

Imagine yourself in a brand new convertible with the top down and the air
blowing through your hair.
Your favorite music is blasting through your brand new speakers and a beautiful guy or girl is sitting next to you as you wind down the Pacific Coast Highway.

Now, come back to reality.

You’re graduating, you have to pay off your student loans and the numerous amounts of other bills you have and you’re about to enter into one of the worst job markets this country has ever seen.

But, just because your finances are low doesn’t mean you have to take the bus to

those big job interviews.
You can still get there in style with a practical and economical ride.

Here are the top five affordable cars according to the U.S. News Rankings and

The 2011 Ford Fiesta tops the list costing you around $13,320 to $17,120
depending on the accessories you want.

Autoweek wrote that the Fiesta “is as good of a small car as can be found, sourced from anywhere in the World.”

Named the Best Subcompact Car for the money by U.S. News Rankings and

Reviews, the Fiesta has gotten high marks from almost every other reviewer for its
hybrid-fuel economy.
The Fiesta averages around 28 mpg driving around town and 37 mpg on the

highway, close to what many hybrids offer but at a cost thousands of dollars less.
With gas prices predicted to be around five dollars a gallon by summer this could be a life saver for those of you who are already pinching every penny.

If you’re not a Ford person, then consider the 2011 Honda Civic.

The Civic will take $14,571 to $24,022 out of your pocket but like its Ford

competitor has gotten rave reviews for its fuel economy, averaging around 26 mpg in town
and 34 mpg on the highway.



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