For the love of all things cute

By Jaeyeon Kim |Staff Writer|

Cute animal videos have taken over the internet with the help of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other internet sites. 

“Funny Animal Videos – Over 13 Minutes of Hilarious And Cute Animal Moments” on YouTube has 5 million views. Other videos of funny animals on YouTube have 2 or 3 million views. People are so addicted to watching adorable animals videos because they are so cute and funny.

Cute animal videos bring joy and have been shown in some studies to reduce tension and improve mood.

A new study even suggests that watching internet cats “could be used as a form of digital pet therapy or stress relief,” according to Jessica Gall Myrick, who surveyed nearly 7,000 Internet users.

“I have two puppies. Watching the cute animal videos reminds me of my puppies whenever I watch the videos, especially the cute puppy videos. The puppies that act like humans in the videos are one of the cutest animal videos,” said student Kiyoung Bae.

“When the cute animals act like humans in the videos, they really look like babies and they are so cute. They also look like idiots, but the action like idiots is also really cute and funny. Those actions make me really happy,” said student Seungkyoung Baek.

Like Bae, when people who have a puppy or a cat watch cute animal videos, their puppies or cats immediately come to mind.

“The time that it takes to watch the cute animal videos is not a waste of time to me, because when I watch the cute animal videos, I’m so happy. The cute puppies and kittens in the videos are very similar to my puppies,” said student Sooin Moon.

“I also think the cute animals, such as kittens and puppies, are really similar to my puppies. My puppies sometimes act like the cute animals from the videos,” said Bae.

Even for people who may not have pets, they watch adorable animal videos as a distraction from their worries.

“I don’t have a puppy or kitten, but I really like to watch the cute animal videos. When I am irritated or annoyed about something, watching the cute animal videos makes me happy and helps me relieve stress,” said student Jaejun Ka.

The cute animals’ actions makes people happy and smile. They help people to relieve their stress, because the actions are so funny.

“When conducting a task that’s stressful, people actually experienced less stress when their pets were with them than when a supportive friend or even their spouse was present,” according to Elizabeth Scott, M.S., a Stress Management Expert.

Watching cute animal videos is not a waste of time- it is time well spent.


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