Beer and Noise: Folking the system-Andrew Jackson Jihad at the Glass House.

By Tyson Ellingsen |Online Editor| A Raw Paw Blog

Last Tuesday October 11, Andrew Jackson Jihad played to what they described as their biggest audience yet. As a folk punk duo who normally plays for small crowds in parks, house parties and even public transport.

However they rocked the Glass House and played as if still playing for a few friends instead of a dozens of fans. They had no preparation before their set, but for a band consisting of an acoustic guitar and a stand up bass you dont need much anyway.

Two minutes before their set time they ambled onstage, unpacked their instruments and and asked us what to play. They don’t even bother with a setlist, instead they decided on the spot betweens songs evoked more of a familiar atmosphere with the audience.

Popularly requested, they played “Sense/Sensibility”, “Secrets Cigarettes”, “Hate Rain On Me” and my personal favorites “Daddy” and “Fucc The Devil“from their newest album: Knife Man.

On their facebook they introduce themselves saying “We are Andrew Jackson Jihad. We try our best,” and brought their best they did, making sure everyone had a great night.

Evan Weiss of Into It Over It, was the first act to go on. I really enjoyed his acoustic songs about topics such as walking into the wrong apartment drunk (to an apartment of pretty girls at least) and a touching tribute to some advice given to him by the late Mitch Dubey. The song was “Fuck of All Nerds” which basically meant if youre going to belittle someone for something as trivial as their music taste, which punk they like, then… fuck off. I almost never go to a show early but I’m glad I did to catch his set.

Frank Turner was the headlining band. I honestly did not care about seeing him but I will admit he’s a great performer. I was mostly apathetic during his set but he did win me over towards the end with a Queen cover, “Glory Hallelujah” about atheistic sympathies and I did get to mosh and crowd surf during his encore so it was all good.

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