Festivals of Motion Picture Art

by the PSIFF
by the PSIFF

By the PSIFF

By Marvin Garcia |Staff Writer|

If art evokes emotion, then film should also pose the same transcending effect.

Film festivals are the epitome of motion art and pay high tribute to many inspiring filmmakers.

These festivals are known for their rich collection of independent productions, which are not typically seen in commercial theaters.

Nevertheless, the fact that the films are not made for commercial purposes but for the sake of film aesthetics gives them much richer value.

I came to realize that not all feature films must come from major production studios in order to achieve major success.

“There is no medium that expresses an artist’s thoughts both visually and audibly like film festivals, giving anyone a chance to showcase their art,” said CSUSB film admirer Adam Galloper.

Since California serves as the base of the entertainment industry, it only makes sense that many of these showcases are held here in The Golden State.

While they may not be the Cannes, Berlin or Venice Film Festivals, our state does host the quite prestigious Los Angeles Film Festival, Sacramento Film and Music Festival and my personal favorite, Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF).

The presence and support of the Academy Award winners such as Meryl Streep, Bradley Cooper, Julianne Moore and even Brad Pitt, have all attended and even stared in the featured films. 

Another one of the many virtues these festivals offer is bringing variety and culture in the form of film.

After all, what is a film festival without any regard for diversity and the many exotic things it offers?

For students, the festivals offer a number of opportunities.

“It’s great networking with students since it gives them different perspectives by both film and artist, and the best part is being in a very creative environment,” said CSUSB Film Festival attendee, Cecila Bacerra.

Having volunteered in this year’s PSIFF, I had the opportunity to witness the appreciation from all those that attended and by the people who participated during the festival.

Needless to say I felt the same admiration, and more importantly it gave me the incentive to pursue my career in filmmaking, where one day I may have the blessing of having my work screened.

For instance, one of the films shown was “In Order of Disappearance.”

A story of a snowplow driver, played by Stellan Skarsgård (“Pirates of The Caribbean”), who seeks revenge for the murder of his son by killing  the responsible thugs, was surprisingly enjoyable and quite funny.

The film, having been featured at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival, delivered and left audiences amazed with its different format and smart use of humor where many dark comedies fail at.

So if you are open to a different take on film and wish to witness its artistic purpose, then by all means attend or volunteer to your closest festival.

You may not only get free access, but you also might get to meet your favorite movie star.

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