Feminism : Trend or movement?

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By Ariana Cano |Staff Writer|

DSCN9371Organizations, individuals, and celebrities have recently claimed to support feminism, yet many are ignorant to what feminism implies and what changes it seeks to enact.

The term feminism is used to emphasize the disenfranchisement of females in this patriarchal system.

Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.

I believe it is essential to understand and advocate feminism as a movement for change, and to strive to be a feminist regardless of gender.

How is it then, that these same organizations, individuals, and celebrities, who believe that women should have equal rights and opportunities as men, claim not to be feminists?

I used to claim I was a “semi-feminist,” because I did not fully agree with all feminist ideas, but little did I know a feminist does not come with extra titles or views.

It became clear to me that society associates feminism with a negative connotation, calling it “too strong” or simply calling it misandry which misconstrues its ideas.

Someone should not be considered a feminist if they don’t agree women should be equal to their male counterparts.

When celebrities like Shailene Woodley and Lady Gaga say they are not feminists because they “love men” it’s equivalent to saying “you don’t like Hawaii because it’s cold,” stated Amanda Duberman from the Huffington Post. It just doesn’t make sense.


Certain celebrities do not consider themselves feminists because they do not understand what feminism actually means.

Feminists actually aspire to be chivalrous individuals that would like to create equality for all, despite gender.

If feminism is equality for all, then why not call it equalism or humanism?

It is known as feminism because the struggles of females need to be addressed.

“I think now it’s more like a trend […] now it’s just like ‘yea I’m a feminist’ just to put a label on yourself so you fit in,” said CSUSB student Vanessa Melesio.

I believe many organizations and individuals have only proved their ignorance of feminism, rather than supporting it or opposing it.

A “modern” feminist refers to people that describe themselves as feminist, yet lack knowledge about pay inequalities and gender social roles.

This term is applicable for certain individuals and for celebrities that claim they are feminists just for public display or trend.

Here at CSUSB, we have a Women’s Resource Center (WRC), located in the Santos Manuel Student Union, which helps address any questions about feminism.

“The WRC is a safe place for women. We provide computers, pads, tampons, refrigerator, microwave, condoms, and we host many events to fight for women and issues we may have,” said WRC employee Irene Tobias, after hosting the “Smashing Patriarchy with Pizza” event.

I am a modern feminist because I refuse to be a subordinate in this patriarchal system in order to fulfill the role of a submissive female.

As feminists, it is our responsibility to debunk the myth of women never reaching equality and clarify the ideologies at any given opportunity.


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