Feist’s sound penetrates the soul

By Tiffany Batson |Staff Writer|

Feist’s new album Metals is a spellbinding mix of songs with strummed beats and intriguing lyrics.

Metals, released on Oct. 4, delivers a dark and artsy sound that is undeniably enjoyable.

Canadian singer-songwriter Leslie Feist has had radio success with the hit “1234” that appeared on an iPod advertisement in 2007. That song is a colorful, catchy number that is very different from the sound of her current release.

Leslie Feist has an unmistakable and beautiful voice that gives the album character. This is the album to listen to on a day when you need something that is different and calming but far from dull, with an edgy blues attitude to it.

“How Come You Never Go There,” the first single from the album, is a slow and bluesy rock song about a lost love that leaves a mark on the listener.

Feist’s sound has drawn her into success in trendy coffee houses and record shops while appearing on the Starbucks soundtrack when her last album came out. There is no doubt this album will only add to her success.

“A Commotion” is one of the more fast-paced songs on the album that switches from slower vocals to faster beats. The chorus section is sung by male vocalists and it makes the song have a fun rock-n-roll energy.

A variety of musical instruments gives the music an interesting touch and keeps her songs above average.

Feist doesn’t sound like the usual pop music played on the radio, but rather has a cool attitude that keeps you wanting more.

“The Bad in Each Other,” the introduction song of the album, is entertaining because of the use of guitar and string pieces that provide the song with an undeniable edge. The poetic lyrics of the song are about a couple that want to be together but never seem to get it right.

Track seven on the album, “Bittersweet Melodies,” has an older, seventies feel, although the structure of the rest of the song keeps a modern tone.

Feist is an artist that is very talented and has a great sound and shouldn’t be overlooked because she is out of the mainstream.

If you want to catch her in person, Feist will appear on Saturday, Nov. 12 at the Wiltern in Los Angeles.


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