Federal appeals court deems Proposition 8 unconstitutional




By Courtney Sims |Staff Writer|

Proposition 8 has been appealed by a 2-1 ruling in a federal appeals court.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals declared the voter-approved ban on same sex marriage unconstitutional last Thursday.

The recent court ruling has some Californians thinking the momentum behind this battle could be geared toward something more important.

Supporters of Prop 8 have to decide quickly whether they want to appeal the recent ruling handed down by the Federal courts.

“ProtectMarriage, the Christian conservative sponsor of Proposition 8, is expected to announce next week whether to ask a larger panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to reconsider the ruling, a decision that could postpone U.S. Supreme Court review for months,” as reported by the LA Times

California is the only state to pass a law on same–sex marriage making it legal and then later overturn it.

According to the Proposition 8 website, in June of 2008 same-sex marriage became legal in California. However shortly after the November election, Proposition 8 was passed, thus overturning the previous ruling.

Bien Fule-Ver, who self-identifies as gay, is a CSUSB alumnus and has been engaged for two years. He believes that the fight for marriage equality is something worth fighting for.

Fule-Ver is surprised that a progressive state like California is falling behind.

“Marriage elevates you to a different status,” said Fule-Ver. “There are eight states that recognize gay marriage. It’s almost embarrassing; the states that we think are not progressive are the ones that are aware of the social changes,” continued Fule-Ver.

Supporters of Prop 8 are disappointed with the way the state has handled the entire process and are second guessing their own votes.

“I think it comes down to voting. We are being taught to vote because it’s our ‘duty’,” said student Kati Garn. “By overturning this law it has taken away our vote. There’s not point in voting if the government is just going to do want they want.”

Currently, the same-sex marriage ban is still in effect until the case goes to the Supreme Court

Prop. 8 critics are confident that the ruling will end in a victory.

“With the political climate right now with Obama and the Defense of Marriage Act, I see the ruling going in our favor,” said Megan Rush, graduate assistant at CSUSB’s Pride Center.


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