Famous Greeks

By Lindsey Martinovich |Staff Writer|

Politicians, CEO’s, founders of multi-million dollar companies, professional sport superstars and Hollywood celebrities find comfort in being a part of a fraternity or sorority.

Is it a coincidence that so many successful men and women are a part of Greek organizations? Not a chance.

No matter what the fraternity or sorority is, Greek Organizations all put a great emphasis on developing characteristics such as leadership, scholarship and ambition of young college students, leaving them with the ability to be the best version of them that they can be, and in some cases, even run a country.

According to onlinecollege.org, former President of the United States George W. Bush, along with his father and former U.S. President George H. W. Bush were Delta Kappa Epsilon members from Yale.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was an Alpha Delta Phi; Ronald Reagan was a Tau Kappa Epsilon; Dwight D. Eisenhower was Tau Epsilon Phi; Harry S. Truman was a Lambda Chi Alpha.

The overwhelming list of U.S. Presidents that were a part of a fraternity goes on and on proving that fraternities instill leadership skills, not just social skills.

Aside from U.S. Presidents, many other influential and powerful people belonged in fraternities and sororities.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a member of Alpha Phi Alpha at Morehouse; Thurgood Marshall- the first African-American to sit on the Supreme Court, and best known for landmark victory in Brown v. Board of Education– was also a member of Alpha Phi Alpha according to onlinecollege,org.

Condoleezza Rice, National Security Advisor during George W. Bush’s first term and Secretary of State during his second is an Alpha Chi Omega. I am betting that Rice doesn’t fit into most people’s perception of a “sorority girl” but the truth of the matter is, sororities and fraternities are filled with young men and women of such high caliber.

Many people unfamiliar with fraternities and sororities often find irony in the association of scholarship/intelligence with Greek organizations, but people such as Jerry Yang, the founder and CEO of Yahoo, Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, and Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook,  who all belonged to fraternities would beg to differ.

So when people think it’s all about being popular, these top geeks help show   the smarter side of Greeks.

In the world of sports: Phil Jackson, the current coach of the Los Angeles Lakers was a Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Eli Manning, the New York Giants quarterback is a Sigma Nu; and Pat Riley, one of the greatest NBA coaches in history, is a Sigma Nu.

According to the Huffington Post, famous fraternity and sorority television and movie stars include Brad Pitt, a Sigma Chi from University of Missouri; Will Ferrell a Delta Tau Delta from University of Southern California; Katie Couric, a Delta Delta Delta from University of Virginia; Ashton Kutcher, a Delta Chi from University of Iowa; and David Spade, a Sigma Alpha Epsilon from Arizona State University.

Although only a few examples of famous/successful men and women have been listed above, it is clear to see that in more than one case, greatness can evolve from fraternities and sororities.

Greek life has a lot to offer, and as it can be seen, there is much to be had from being Greek, so if these are qualities that you admire than perhaps this might be a path you wish to take



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