Eureka! A burger joint

img_0035By Shamce Ahmad |Staff Writer|

Eureka Burger, an establishment located in downtown Redlands, brings new avenues to freshly made burgers at affordable prices for college students who want a little more than just McDonalds.

The restaurant is known for their expertise in both craft burgers and beers.

Their menu also carries a myriad of other dishes ranging from fresh appetizers to mouth-watering entrees and desserts.

The eatery has a certain buzz in the air that gives it quite a unique environment that is embraced by the employees in a welcoming and family-friendly way.

Eureka Burger has been in business for six years, starting up in 2009. It takes it’s name from the dominant street that it is located on, though ironically the actual address is labeled as Pearl Street. 

“It’s been one of my favorite places to eat for years,” said loyal customer Matt Monreal. He has been going to Eureka Burger with his family for almost as long as they’ve been around. 

The service provided by the restaurant’s servers was “prompt and friendly,” according to Monreal. I also thought this way, as they were always there to attend to us.

“I ordered the cowboy burger and it was fantastic,” said Monreal. “There needed to be more fries though, because they were great.”

I myself ordered their Chicken Tacos, which had smoked chicken and Monterey jack cheese topped with slivered avocados and chipotle sauce.

The price range at the restaurant wasn’t bad, ranging from the $11 to $30 according to their online menu and Yelp. I found it comparable to Red Robin in price, but with better ingredients and quality.

The employees at Eureka seem to enjoy their time working together, and had only great things to say about being there.

“The best part about this place is the people who I work with,” said Austin Brooks, an employee at Eureka for around three and a half years.

According to Brooks, the restaurant stays pretty busy, but peaks on the weekends.

“Usually on any given day, we have a pretty busy 1 p.m. lunch hour, which then dies off and then picks back up after 5 right at happy hour,” said Brooks.

Brooks continued “Friday nights and Sunday afternoons are usually our busiest times of the week.”

If Brooks had to pick one meal to suggest to customers, “it would definitely be the fig burger, because of how unique and tasty it is.”

Strong opinions coming from a seasoned Eureka employee.

Business has been booming for Eureka, and they are expanding at a rapid pace across the country.

New Eureka locations can be found in Idaho, Washington and Texas, with two restaurants a piece, according to Brooks.

Eureka Burger is a great place for family and friends alike to enjoy anything from table dinners to at-the-bar eats all week long.

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