Endangered Species Event Over-Hyped and unexplained

IMG_1682By Melanie Limon | Staff Writer |

Endangered Species! Did that catch your attention?

Apparently it didn’t to some of our students, even though posters of the event were plastered around our  schools halls.

With barely any information given about the event other than the time and place, it was a surprise to simply find a piece of artwork that was barricaded and advertised with yet another one of the posters that was used to sponsor the event.

When I arrived to the display, there was no one there to explain what it was, and there wasn’t even anything that described who made the piece or what it was about.

I noticed that the poster in front of the display only said 11 a.m. but on all the other posters it stated 11 – 5 p.m., the timing shouldn’t have been different for the poster in front of the display and the ads placed around the school and website.

As a former art major, I know that art speaks for itself and that everyone has a different interpretation of what a piece can mean to them, but with the topic being of such great importance, I feel like it should have at least been explained a bit more to educate students more about the topic.

I looked around to see students relaxing in the lobby of the Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU) without acknowledging the display and those who did notice were confused about it.

Jessica Trevino from the Information Desk in the SMSU said that she had multiple students come and ask her about the event but she didn’t have any info other than it was the Cross Cultural Center who was hosting it.

Disappointed, I left without learning anything and more confused than before.

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