Durant gives humble MVP speech

By Gina Miranda |Staff Writer|


Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City’s shining star was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP).  The 25-year-old forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder also won this year’s scoring title for the fourth time in five years.

Durant’s acceptance speech was heartfelt, humorous, and reminiscent of his humble beginnings as a young basketball player. A tearful and barely audible Durant publicly thanked his mother for being the motivating force behind his success.

“We weren’t supposed to be here, you made us believe, you kept us off the street, you put clothes on our back, food on the table, and when you didn’t eat, you made sure we ate,” Durant continued, “You went to sleep hungry, you sacrificed for us, you’re the real MVP.”

Durant is a small town boy from Prince George’s county in Maryland.

His lifelong dream was to become a recreational coach for his local community, who wanted nothing more than to inspire young children through basketball.

In his acceptance speech, Durant was humbled to surpass his dreams of being a small time coach, while being dubbed the league’s Most Valuable Player.

“First off, I’d like to thank God for changing my life, that he really let me realize what life is all about,” Durant continued, “basketball is just a platform in order for me to inspire people.”

Fans, coaches, and teammates of Durant are no strangers to his past. He gives hope to all those with a dream by sharing a part of him.

In his speech, Durant stated that he and his family were constantly moving, never grounded in one home and that they only had each other to get through tough times.

Durant reminiscences on one of his fondest memories, “One of the best memories I have is when we moved into our first apartment; no bed, no furniture and we just all sat in the living room and just hugged each other, because that’s when we thought we made it.”

Sports buffs, announcers and players refer to Durant as “the Slim Reaper, Durantula, and K.D.” However, the most notable and prestigious nickname should now include MVP.

Durant earned 119 out of 125 first place votes to be named this year’s MVP.

LeBron James, Blake Griffin, James Harden and Joakim Noah were among the candidates who fell to Durant’s stellar performance.

This is the 4th time Durant has been in the running for MVP. According to the NBA, Durant averaged 32.0 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game, this season.

The last time someone won a scoring title and MVP award in the same season was Allen Iverson in the 2000-01 season.

During game two of the Western Conference Finals, Durant scored 32 points and 9 assists against the Los Angeles Clippers.

The winner of this round goes on to face the winner of the San Antonio Spurs versus the Portland Trail Blazers.

If the Oklahoma City Thunder can conquer the NBA Championship, it is possible that Kevin Durant may also clinch the Finals MVP title. Durant has the opportunity to become the eleventh person in history to win the League and Finals MVP in the same year.

Durant and company have to play some stellar basketball in the next few weeks in order to beat the two-time defending champions, the Miami Heat.

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