Dum Dum Girls dig deeper yet stay dancey

By Carolina McCarthy |Staff Writer|

The Dum Dum Girls’ new album has an intoxicating sound that seems to exist Only in Dreams.

This pounding album by the all-girl band from California allows listeners to experience the journey of overcoming death and detachment. Just by looking at the album cover it seems like the music will give the listener some sort of out-of-body experience. However, Only in Dreams is much more than just a good album cover.

Before signing to Sub Pop Records in 2009, the lead singer, known as Dee Dee, would play shows in the San Diego area. Since then, the music and lyrics produced by this band have developed into songs of great force that are all projected in this album

In contrast to their previous album, “I Will Be,” the band wrote about extremely real things they were experiencing in their lives. The Dum Dum Girls stated that they just wrote about things they knew and were familiar with. The lyrics in all of the songs are an excellent reflection of that.

When you first listen to the album, it reflects a very positive vibe. Even though the lyrics express despair, the upbeat persona passes the message of overcoming hard times in life. One main thing the lead singer and songwriter, Dee Dee, was experiencing when writing these songs was the passing of her mother.

In the song “Hold Your Hand”, Dee Dee writes about when she discovered her mother’s fatal illness. “Coming Down” was written right after Dee Dee received news that her mother had passed away.

“That song came out of being in and out of awareness of the depth of the situation,” she said.

Other songs were written as a reflection of facing the challenge of detachment not only from Dee Dee’s mother, but from society as a whole. One main idea the lyrics reveal is the challenge of being apart from her husband, Brandon Welchez.

Since the duo both have their own bands, they constantly face the battle of being apart due to tour scheduling. Many of the songs in this album deal with that separation.

“Bedroom Eyes” was written right after Dee Dee had returned home to a lonely and empty house from a European tour. This song is just a single example of the pain Dee Dee felt being away from her husband.

Only in Dreams is an album of genuine lyrics which people from all scales of life are able to connect to on a personal level. The feel-good vibe mixed with absolutely amazing lyrics is what definitely makes this album a success.

Every song on the album has its own special story behind it. After finishing the album and connecting with the lyrics the listener is able to have some sort of closure. It’s the kind of closure that whispers to the listener that no matter what struggle or issue people are faced with in life, everything will eventually be alright.



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