Drunkorexia: a shameful, stupid practice

By Vicki Colbert |Staff Writer|

Starving your body to make room for alcoholic calories is pathetic. Even more pitiful is to starve your body just to get that “feel good” high instantly. Drunkorexia needs to stop, especially for females.

A new drinking trend among college campuses is “drunkorexia.” Many students may not know what the term means, but probably practice this ritual every Friday and Saturday night. Drunkorexia is the intentional restriction of food for two reasons: to get drunk faster and to compensate for the extra intake of calories attributed to alcohol.

While this sounds ridiculous and dangerous, drunkorexia is becoming more common, especially among female college students. According to a study conducted by the University of Missouri, 16 percent of college students surveyed admitted that this starvation technique also saved them money that would have been spent on food, but instead bought alcohol. Women were found to be three times more likely to participate in this practice.

A sorority member on campus, who asked not to be named, wasn’t shocked when informed about drunkorexia.

“Many women know alcohol contains a lot of calories, and with all this pressure from the media to maintain a thin figure, I’m not surprised women have found an alternate route to reduce calorie intake.”

I agree. The media has a lot to do with this craze . . . as well as the government.

As of 2010, Obama’s new health care legislation includes a mandate that every major food chain to list the amount of calories per food item served based on a 2000 calorie per day diet.

It’s as though we can never enjoy a greasy cheeseburger without the amount of calories listed, so everyone knows, dieting or not, exactly what we’re consuming. It seems this concept of calorie counting has now transferred over to alcoholic beverages.

Regardless of appearance or dieting, college students still want to party. If that means drinking on an empty stomach to keep their figure, they’ll do it.

Now, anybody who has drank alcohol before knows that liquor can do some amazing things to your vision and judgement. Excessive drinking greatly impairs one’s judgement and can lead to the possibility of being sexually taken advantage of.

As of today, one in six women is a victim of attempted or completed rape according to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). With drunkorexia, becoming intoxicated faster for the purpose of keeping the body skinny, only heightens the risk for women to become victims of sexual assault.

There are other ways to monitor alcohol calories without depriving the body of food. Student Monica Frank, said she only drinks zero calorie alcoholic beverages and spirits when she goes out.

“I decided I wanted to tone my upper body which includes some weight loss, but that didn’t stop me from drinking and having a good time with my friends,” said Frank.

This method proved to be safe and healthy for Frank, taking in food calories instead of starving. Not only is this a smarter way of tracking calories, but food also allows blood to absorb the alcohol slower.

I don’t want to sound like a parent, but if you’re drinking with the intent just to get shit-faced, you’re not drinking responsibly. If you’re taking extra steps to get wasted, like drunkorexia, then you don’t need to be drinking. Period.


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