Drake and the pain of fame

By Caolina McCarthy |Staff Witer|

Fans all across the nation are waiting anxiously for the day when four-time Grammy nominee and highly regarded rapper Drake releases his much anticipated album.

For now, the only words he is giving to his fans is Take Care, which is the name of his record. However, the lyrics themselves scream of loneliness and the pain that comes with adapting to fame.

Drake has scheduled the release date to be on his birthday, which is Oct. 24.  In an interview with Ill Mix Tapes, Drake stated after he began his entertainment career, a lot of his older music was based on how he liked what he was doing, but he wanted something more in life.

He also stated that a part of him wanted to find love and another part of him wanted to go back to his old life. In the past year and after being in the entertainment industry for a while, he began writing about how he has adapted to fame and his new lifestyle.

This kind of mentality is what Drake said would be reflected in Take Care.

In another interview with Billboard, Drake stated he “tries to embrace the art of making music.”

This “art” is obvious when hearing one of his singles, “Marvin’s Room.” This song definitely shows a much different and softer side of Drake.

The song is about how he drunk dials a past lover. After he expresses to the girl on the other end what he feels, he ends the song with him just getting off the phone and being by himself.

This is just one example of how Drake expresses how he personally deals with fame on this album.

The front of his album cover, which was released through his blog on Sept. 23, shows him sitting alone at a table and grasping a gold cup. This picture is an excellent example of what he states the music will reflect on his album, which is the idea of being alone and dealing with his new-found fame.

Even though his lyrics express a type of loneliness, he is far from alone. By looking at some of his collaborators like Lil Wayne, Eminem, DJ Khaled and Nicki Minaj, it is obvious to see that Drake is with some extremely good company.

On Oct. 4, he was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame for making a positive contribution of arts, sports or philanthropy. With his prize money, he made a donation to Dixon Hall in Toronto to help low income families.

That same week, he released his second video, “Headlines.”

“I don’t know how to make generic songs, I just know how to make songs about me, my experiences and my life,” he stated.

Another idea Drake expressed was how he focused on progression and reflection a lot when making this album.

“I remember driving around Toronto and how it feels to reflect on life, and I am writing the songs for the kids driving around doing the same thing,” he stated.

The juicy blend of high quality raps and mesmerizing melodies is something to be expected on Take Care. Now all a fan can do is wait for the day they can get a hold of this influential masterpiece.



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