Don’t become one more statistic; fight back

By Yaneth Hoil |Staff Writer|

The average rapist has 37 victims before they get caught. Don’t allow yourself to become a number on their list by following Hines’s self-defense tips and tricks.

According to Lauren Hines self-defense training these are some things that can save your life in the event that you are attacked.

For example, if a guy is approaching you, whether it is an acquaintance or a stranger, the best thing to do is to keep a minimum distance of two-arms length because he can’t grab you from such a distance.  The closer an attacker gets the more committed he is to the assault.

Once you have a “creepy” feeling or the sensation that something is not right trust your instincts and get to safety, your senses are your best defense.
Don’t be afraid to hurt a strangers feeling you have the right to establish really clear boundaries for people you don’t know. You can always scream something like “back off now!”, in order to acknowledge their presence and that you are aware of the situation.
This works 8 out of 10 times and there is no need for further confrontation. If it was a possible attacker odds are you have scared him away by showing him that you are not an easy victim and if it was just a passerby then you still established your personal space.

It’s important for you to learn and acknowledge that you have other options besides submitting, you can fight back.

When at the party “Never drink the punch because you don’t know what’s in it. On college campuses 90 percent of assaults involve alcohol,” said Hines.

When you go to a party with a handful of your girlfriends always have a buddy system.  You can both look out for each other and mutually help one another in case of a dangerous situation.

“On average 80 percent of assaults against women happen in the home because 75 percent of those times it’s somebody who we are familiar with as an acquaintance or even a neighbor,” said Hines.

You are home alone watching your favorite episode of Dancing with the Stars, when suddenly you distinctly hear that somebody is breaking into your house. If you have children you must run to their bedroom so that the intruder can’t use them against you and now you can blockade the room and protect them. It is also important to have an emergency exit plan that they can easily follow to get out of the house and go call for help.

Always inspect who is ringing your door bell and never let strangers into your house.

Car safety is also extremely important always lock your doors when you get out of your car and after you get in.  If somebody carjacks you always surrender the car and possessions and run away from the assaulter. When there is a child present in the car make it clear that you must get your child before the car is taken and get away as soon as possible.

Always avoid being taken to a second location and always fight back whenever you see a chance.

Your life is worth more than anything material that you could ever purchase so take care of it by giving yourself the gift of a self-defense class. It can save your life and be prepared to protect the ones you love.



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