Dive into Splash-a-palooza

By Brittany Shaw |Staff Writer|

‘Just keep swimming’ is the motto everyone will be using May 4, 2011.

Splash-a-Pooloza is a fun filled event that will leave everyone soaking wet.

“Hopefully the spectators who come will cheer people on during the events. That will make it a lot more exciting,” said Mark Oswood, the marketing coordinator for the event.
Along with the competitive swim meet that is going to be held, there will be free food, games and music.

Starting at 6 p.m. the swim meet will be held at the CSUSB pool.

There are four events and individuals can sign-up for multiple events.

Any student can participate by signing up online for the swim meet games.

“We’ve already heard from a few people that they’re getting teams together”

The first event is a 50 yard freestyle is an unregulated swimming style. According to the rules of FINA the front crawl stroke is almost universally used during a freestyle race.

The next event is the 50 yard breaststroke. The breaststroke is a swimming style that is used very commonly used and is a very difficult stroke.
Shortly following this event will be the two relay events. First the 200 yard freestyle relay will be a battle relay that should get pretty intense between the teams.
And last will be the 200 yard Co-ed Inner tube relay. Each team will need to have two women and two men in order to compete.
While all this is going on, sponsors Hawaiian Pizza, Snow Cones and Tiki Hut Frozen Yogurt will be available to everyone who attends. Yes, everything is completely free!
There will also be a DJ at the event to provide a musical backdrop.
Directly following the swim meet there will be activities such as a big blow up waterslide, slip and slide, belly flop contest, hulla hoop contest and limbo contest.
This may seem like a lot, but that’s not even all of it at 7 p.m. the inner tube water polo game will start.
They will also be giving away a bunch of tie dye shirts with the event logo on it.
This is an annual event, but the name was changed this year. Last year it was referred to as Coyote Luau.
“It’s usually a very fun event, and we get a good turn out,” said Oswood.
This year they are teaming up with the student union program board, which is really helping to promote this event and make it as big as it is.
“A few days before the event were going to hand out Capri Suns with fliers on the back advertising the event,” said Oswood.
This is only one of the ways they are promoting the event, along with Facebook, websites and student union program board.
Even though the swimming world records may not be broken at this event, you could set a record for the amount of free food and laughs you could have in a two hour period.



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