Disney Princesses get a modern look

By Priscilla Arvizu |Staff Writer|

Snow White’s appearance is looking a lot different from out-of-the-coffin with the new face lift, off the-shoulder gown and added eye-liner. Translation: Disney Princesses definitely got their glam on.


Disney has just announced adding sweet, independent Merida from the movie “Brave,” to the Princess Royal Court. She is the first to be added from a Pixar film.

Merida is notorious for her wild, red mane and her remarkable skills with a bow and arrow.

However, Disney is ready to change that wild, red mane to tamed sexy red locks and makeup for an added touch.

According to blog Oh No They Didn’t, “When it comes to the cartoon marketing images Disney uses to sell products — everything from toys to clothes to makeup — the princesses rarely resemble the characters we know from the movies.”

Merida has transformed from a real looking girl into the modern princess in Disney’s growing line of female heroines that have turned into unnatural cartoon marketing dolls.

Salon.com claimed that when Disney added the new Princess it was not the Merida everyone fell in love with from the movie but instead:

“It was the revamped image of Merida — her waist nipped, her eyes elongated, her messy tangle of hair a sexy tumble, her plain dress a shimmer of bling and her trademark bow and arrow nowhere to be seen.”

In response to the mature appearance of Merida, many asked Disney to keep the original “Brave” heroine.

There have been many mixed views about how Disney is making these Princesses into an unrealistic idea of beauty and the stereotypes this company promotes.

The glitz and reformed Disney Princesses have been addressed since the addition of Merida.


Aside from Disney forcing these images on young girls they also promote all kinds of stereotypes.

Does Disney’s “Brave” overcome stereotypes of sparkling female characters?

Some critics say yes, although others claim the contrary.

Many believe “Brave” to be a movie swarming with vibrant color, exhilarating adventure and journey with a new hero to add to Disney.

At its core is a very lovable mother-daughter story and for the first time, without a definite love interest. It was about time they stopped including the legendary “Prince Charming.”

“Brave” is about a redheaded princess who refuses to stick to tradition and be married off to a complete stranger.

Rebelling against her family, Merida escapes her home and runs into a witch who grants her the wish of changing her mother’s attitude on arranged engagement.

Merida gets more than she asked for when her wish turns out to be a curse and her mother is changed into a bear.

It’s a struggle between guilt and independence — an ongoing theme throughout the film.

After watching this film many believed Merida to be one of the strongest and well-created Disney Princesses exposed.

She is strong-willed but vulnerable to making mistakes which many young girls can relate to.

Fans of the movie have been anticipating a strong, confident, self-rescuing Princess.

She was a Princess who looked like a real girl, complete with the imperfections that all people have.

Merida was created to break that mold — the unrealistic idea of beauty that all Disney Princesses promote.

Merida, the original “Brave” heroine exemplifies through being brave, passionate, and assertive, she remains the same strong and determined girl from the movie.

Will Disney realize the marketing of Disney Princesses who misrepresent real beauty creates a false image of what true beauty is?


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