Diaries of a Jet Setter

By R. Anthony Diaz |Asst. Features Editor|

Ever thought about getting lost? Well think again because once you step into the unfamiliar, you will have to think fast, and I am not talking about downtown San Bernardino.

As college students many of us have traveled abroad or simply flown across the wondrous deep blue oceans to be fabulous, explore, sight-see and taste the wine.

Well, that was me last week, I found myself lost. From one classmate to another I want to share my experience, offer some advice and air the dirty laundry.

For most international flights it is more than likely you will be flying out of LAX unless you have a connecting flight. I must say that if you are traveling with someone who has status on an airline such as 1K or Premier Executive, your trashy experience at the airport will turn into a classy affair.

Club United for United Airlines is pretty much a social class upgrade with many free amenities like WiFi, snacks, some bubbly for all you champagne drinkers, comfy lounge furniture and of course someone to clean after you.

After reaping the airline priority services, thanks to my wonderful other half, I touched down in London town.

Beautiful city. With my new found love, Harrods, a fabulous upmarket department store. The one million-square-foot beauty on Brompton Street is a must conquer!

It has every imaginable luxury good and many eateries that are furnished and designed to suit any snazzy brat or bag lady.

There is so much to see in the city so if you don’t feel like shopping, the sights are a spectacle and I found it’s better to drop and go, meaning take a map and walk. This way you can get yourself lost and stumble on the good and the unfamiliar.

Whether you want to see Buckingham Palace, cathedrals or hang with the locals, you’ll find something on every corner and park, even if it is a pastel colored front door.

We all need learning time, no matter what age you are and the city is flushed with museums waiting to fill your eyes with astonishment and your brain with intellect.

I personally enjoyed the National Portrait Gallery most. This museum is free and near Trafalgar Square. Anything in this approximate vicinity will not disappoint.

Here you will find the arts district with theaters, pubs, coffee shops, Chinatown, the gay area, excellent food and plenty of shops on Long Acre Street.

The best part about unplanned trips is not knowing what is next and welcoming the unexpected.

Remember that no matter what, the subway is the way to go for most major points in the city. Buy the day pass and exit at Leicester Square. The chaos and personality of the city is here, lace up your kicks and shine your Ray Bans!


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