Diaries of a Jet Setter: A guy’s guide to getting lost – Zurich

By R. Anthony Diaz |Asst. Features Editor|

There are a few ways to experience the Swiss Alps: by car and train, hiking or plane.

If you simply want to see and not exhaust your stay, well the Swiss train is the best way!

Did I mention I am a huge Dr. Seuss fan?

Anywho, as I said, the best way to arrive in Zurich, Switzerland is by train.

They have invested ridiculous amounts of cash into their rail system and I must rave, their ride is the nicest I have ever been in.

But there is a catch; do not get too comfortable. While busy enjoying the millions of things there were to look at, thirty minutes off the train I realized I left my Canon on the train.

Talk about freaking out to the third degree, I ran so fast and luckily the train was still there. In a panic I looked under every seat and the girl in the train was too busy getting a massage from the train cleaning boy so she could not help.

After speeding through 16 train cars like “Mission Impossible,” I realized I dropped my train ticket as well. Lesson No. 2. Do not put ticket stubs into skinny jean back pockets.

I told myself to take a deep breath and focus because clearly no one cared about my gadgets as much as I did. So as I went back to look for my tickets, I slowly crawled down the train car’s aisles and I SAW IT!

Happily we were in a little town called Zug and if you ever come here there is absolutely no way you can leave town without having a pretzel dog at Brezelkonig.
So damn tasty, you’ll want to Fed Ex one home.

Enjoying a warm meal on the train, four seats to myself and large windows with views of the Alps was heaven for me. Towns nestled by lakes, snow capped mountains as sharp as a Fisker Karma and the simplicity and rarity of the architecture was absolute nirvana.

When I arrived in Zurich, the train station was colossal being one of the biggest in the world. I couldn’t believe it had over 200 underground shops. If that’s not a jaw-dropper, I do not know what is.

You can go in three directions from there, so first, I went to drop off my bags at the Marriott, put on a fresh shirt and jammed.

Lesson No. 3: Do not take a cab in Zurich. They advocate against cars so although you do get to ride in an E Class, the minimum is about 25 American Dollars even if you are only going two blocks.

I did however purposely make this mistake when getting a three minute cab ride to the train station when I had left because walking with luggage in the rain is not fun.

I fell in LOVE with Niederdorfstrasse Street. This is a narrow road in old town Zurich where you can find everything from local food joints, underground art shops, boutiques and one busy Mexican restaurant.

I went back twice simply to buy more and more from a store I wanted to take home with me, Change Maker. It was definitely made for me. It had two floors of the coolest furniture, gifts, accessories and stuff you think you can’t afford.

At the end of the cobblestone road I stumbled upon one of Zurich’s three main churches, Grossmünster meaning “great minister.” This was no ordinary Romanesque church; it had a Krypta and I did not wait to explore.

It had huge stone squares in the ground with iron handles and I lifted one but then dropped it in regret that I might get thrown out. At the head of it was a huge statue of a king holding a five-foot iron sword.

The creepy thing about this room was that you could hear whispering and people’s voices echoing from every direction. After getting chills up my spine, I did not care to explore the renovated art any further and left quickly.

On a less creepier note, I headed down Bahnhofstrasse Street similar to Rodeo Drive but without all the whacked Californians. This is a nice road to just walk down and get a glimpse of Swiss swag couture.

After seven expandable bags loaded and ready to burst, I decided to cool it on the shopping. It was in Zurich that I realized that sometimes it is nice to just walk around, enjoy the atmosphere and just embrace the beauty around you.

If I ever go missing, I can be found in Zurich.


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