Devoted director dismissed

By Michele Cruz |Staff Writer|

“I think the Student Union is losing a great leader,” said Megan Rush, graduate assistant for the Pride Center.

Alumnus Judi Cruz is the Coordinator for the Pride Center and Osher Adult Re-Entry Center and she will be leaving CSUSB.

Cruz received her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and her Master of Arts in Educational Counseling and Guidance from CSUSB. She teaches freshmen seminars in the fall, and is known to direct students in the proper educational direction.

On May 12, Cruz won five awards at the 4th Annual Veterans Appreciation Reception. She won two honorable mention awards, a senate certificate of recognition, and two certificates of appreciation.

Cruz has been working for CSUSB for nine years and has been a coordinator for four years. According to Cruz the department of the Student Union is relieving her from her position as coordinator.

“I am losing my job. The saddest part is I won’t be here for the students, and I don’t know who will be,” said Cruz.

According to Cruz, the executive director for Santos Manuel Student Union (SMSU), Mark Day, is getting rid of temporary positions.

“ We appreciate Judi Cruz’s work for the Student Union, and are happy to have her on our staff,” said Day

According to Day the SMSU is looking for an Assiociate Director of Marketing and Programs, and they will have a new director by June 30 of this year, this includes the abolishing of Cruz’s current position.

“ We are looking for someone who can lead this program. We want them to be a good leader and bring ideas to improve our resources to students,” said Day.

Theatre Arts Professor Leslie Bryan was Cruz’s professor and comments that she was a fabulous student.

“Judi was in my class, she was a fabulous student and a wonderful person. The African-American students are drawn to her, and I am really concerned for the students here. She should not be leaving and if she can’t be in the position, then open another one up for her,” said Bryan.

Many students and faculty commented on Cruz’s behalf and are devastated by the recent news of her being let go.

“Judi doesn’t come for a paycheck, she comes for the students” said student Minder Thind.

Thind met Cruz her sophomore year and claims that she has made a big impact on her life.

Thind went through personal problems and Cruz helped her get through her tough times, she explained.

“She has gotten a lot of students jobs, and I love working here because of her,” said Thind.



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