Defend the Trend: ombre hair!

By Britney Vargas |Staff Writer|

For the last couple years celebrity fashionistas have rocked the ombre hairstyle, and spreading the trend with their vibrant golden locks.

This hot trend has been all over the runway, and extremely popular on the red carpets, it quickly became the biggest hair color trend for the year of 2012.

So what exactly is “ombre”?

Ombre is a technique used originally to dye hair by merging two different colors to create a two-tone look, with the purpose of a sun-faded appearance.

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But has the ombre trend ran its course? Has it hit a trend overkill as some may say?

Cosmopolitan magazine says Yes, “This summer we all will be seeing red.”

Now celebrities are hitting salons, ditching the ombre trend and going full on red to embrace the long lost “ginger”.

Fashion blogger Crystal Gibson thinks otherwise, “ombre trend is back with much more sass and aside from the typical style of ombre, there is so much rainbow ombre happening that looks super bold and so fun.”

The fresh trend of “red” hair is in and fairly new, but against the ombre, the two-tone style over powers the simple color.

“I personally like the ombre look, I see a lot of people now with it, and I think its really cool that girls are getting creative and doing the bright colors like blue an purple instead of the natural colors like brown and blonde,” said student Stephanie Placensia.

Although it was already popular this time last year, the ombre trend is back with a new twist; adding colors.

From young starlets like Miley Cyrus and big time A-listers such as Jessica Biel who have gone with the more traditional route in implementing the more subtle ombre, celebs are now adding bright colors in the mix.

“I love how you can have the best of both worlds with the dark and light color contrast. It’s a look anyone can wear and it’s an all around a sexy bold look for spring and summer,” said Ondrina Johnson.

And with at home hair color kits, its so much easier now to accomplish this stylish trend with out the expensive salon costs.

Big name beauty companies are even producing products to help you stay on trend and obtain this edgy look, with do-it-yourself ombre in a box, that gives a step by step instruction on how to achieve the ultimate hair color.

The self-dying kits cater to all hair types and color whether you’re going from black to brown, brown to blonde, or blonde to a more intense blonde, to add color.

I guess you can say that although the traditional brunette to blonde ombre is not as popular now.

The concept of “ombre” is here to stay, and headed full speed ahead with more extreme colors.



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