Dear future CSUSB president:

By Dominique Sterling |Staff Writer|

With the upcoming selection of the school president, I have been really looking at the issues that I hope to be addressed by this president to improve the CSUSB experience.

The search committee will hold its first meeting to discuss the selection process Feb. 10 at 10 a.m. in the Santos Manuel Student Union Events Center.

This will be the only open forum in the process, the committee will follow the discussion with a closed meeting at 1 p.m.

There are a couple of glaring problems that agitate students on campus, primarily stemming from the lack of money the school has, but the new president should try to protect the students with a fresh plan.

I understand that the new president is not the answer to the national and state economic crises and cannot solve all of our student financial problems. I do expect the next president to fight for a better financial situation for CSUSB students.

With prior and possibly future cuts to state funding, I hope the new president has a plan that will help supplement a portion of what we have lost with budget cuts.

What fundraising initiative will he or she impose to help find private forms of income, stretching from alumni to other private donors?

Parking is also a very important issue that needs to be addressed immediately.

CSUSB is a commuter school, so why is it so difficult to find parking?  You would think that in planning to be a commuter school, the school would plan accordingly to the increased demand for parking.

The pricing for parking is outrageous as well, and the students hold no control over the rising cost now standing at over $100 per quarter.

In the campus’s effort to raise revenue they have hiked the cost of parking permits, which only cause more students to not want to purchase a parking pass.

That creates a vicious cycle of parking tickets and fees that we still cannot afford.

I hope the new president has the answer to our parking woes and reasons why many of us are late for class.

We have all made the dreaded trip to the financial aid office, this is an issue that I would really like the newly selected president to address in a speedy fashion.

Productivity within the student affairs offices such as bursar, financial aid and records on this campus need to improve their timeliness.  These offices need help, more man power would positively affect the efficiency of these offices.

My last issue that needs to be aggressively addressed is the lack of course availability.

With the amount of students needing one or two classes to graduate and not being able to enroll in them, many students are having to wait for the next quarter, and then the next quarter—spending more and more money on unnecessary courses in order to get the one they need.

“I’m to the point where if I had a first born I would sell him for a course I need,” said student Antoine White.

Many students are found in the same predicament due to the lack of class availability.

The new president has their work cut out for them, and these issues are only some of the ones that the new president has to address.

Lucky for them they will have a pretty plump salary.


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