Day prepares for life after graduation

By Spencer Hirsch |Staff Writer|

Senior first baseman Brandon Day is prepared for life after baseball.

His ultimate goal is to play professionally, but he does have a sound backup plan that is centered on education.

Day will be receiving his Bachelor of Arts in psychology this June.

He hopes to keep sports at the forefront of his career, as he wants to become a sports psychologist.

It was at Riverside Community College when Day first realized he wanted to get into this field.

“I had numerous sports psychologists come talk to me at RCC.  I just like the dynamic of the sports aspect involved with psychology.  I like the fact that you get to see different people’s experiences and find a way to help them get through what they are going through,” said Day.

Professional baseball is not Day’s only big career goal.

“I would like to have my own sports psychology firm, where I could work with different athletes, especially on the professional level,” said Day.

Day’s drive to succeed comes from his parents, Daniel and Betty Day, who have had a huge impact on his life.

“My dad has been the most influential person in my life.  He has always stressed the importance of education and encouraged me to stick with baseball as long as possible.  He has taught me so many life lessons that will stick with me forever.

“My mother has always been extremely supportive in all my decisions that I have made in athletics and education, and she has always worked extremely hard to give me everything I have wanted growing up,” said Day.

Coyotes’ head baseball coach Don Parnell has also had a big impact on his life.

“I was not highly scouted out of junior college. Coach Parnell took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to start. He is definitely one of the smartest guys I know, in baseball and in life.  He has really taught me about taking the time to do things right,” said Day.

It is no wonder that family and sports are the two areas of Day’s life that he is most passionate about.

Day was brought up with a baseball background from his father, who coached him throughout Little League.  In fact, this season marks Day’s 16th year in baseball.

“My dad encouraged me to play baseball, especially when he saw me grow the most in that sport,” said Day.

The potential of this being Day’s last year playing baseball has made him realize how much he loves the game.

The opportunity to keep playing the game is what has driven Day to work so hard day in and day out.

He hopes all of the hard work he has been putting in since the beginning of the off-season last June will help lead him to a successful senior season, and will ultimately be the launching pad to the start of a major league career.

Day knows, however, that there are no guarantees when it comes to making it in professional sports.

He pointed once more to the importance of education for student athletes.

“The main importance of it is to realize that a sports career lasts only so long. A degree opens up opportunities for you to be able to get a good job and support your family.  I have a career after baseball,” said Day.



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