Damascus: designs that are personalized to your own touch

By R. Anthony Diaz |Staff Writer|


If your campus group needs a fresh urban look, search no further, the founders of Damascus are here to help.

The founder of Damascus, Nate Khouli and Josh Lyon, expressed their creativity by designing T-shirts for their friends, family and people around San Diego.

Shortly after, organizations from San Diego State University, night clubs and local bands begin to inquire wanting to know more of the head-turning designs that seemed to be the local buzz. Now, that local buzz has become a movement, expanding without limits.

“We wanted to stir things up, make an imprint, and cause people to ask questions,” said Khouli.

That is exactly what they got, a handful of curious people, wanting more, and allowing them to embark on a new business venture.

They get their inspiration from everyday life; they focus on what is thrown in front of them that many others fail to see. Hip and urban phrases, like “live now, die never,” and “It’s nice to like,” or “rage harder,” song lyrics, and random pictures of women are just the beginning of how Damascus finds inspiration in an urban city with so much to offer.

“We revolve around provocative topics, loud music, going against the heard, anarchism, and rebelliousness,” said Khouli.

What sets them apart from other design companies aside from their creative touch is that you can initiate an idea or picture if you already have something in mind, and they will give it a fresh twist, and blow you out of the water.

Not only are you getting something different, you can help create it.

At the end of 2009, damascusapparel.com, was not only making T-shirts, but providing exceptional customer service and shipping orders across the nation. They are dedicated in not only producing everything out-of-the-box, but to making sure that you are taken care of, and just plain happy, the company way!

Aside from their hard work with their creative and business teams, they find time to give back to the community in various ways.

Laura Macofsky, a public relations intern at Damascus Media and Apparel, helps with label offers.

“This company is driven by modern ideas, affecting society, and improving the daily beauty in everyday things,” said Macofsky.

With the support they get from everyone, they had made a conscious effort to share their success and offer support to organizations in: Cancer research, Rape/Abuse prevention, Drug/Alcohol prevention, and LGBT rights, to name a few.

“The impact we already have left on society is phenomenal, getting to see our creations worn by people all over the country is a reward in itself. Making people actually feel good about what they are putting on their bodies helps us to connect personally,” said Khouli.

They have been working with presidents of student organizations here at CSUSB in hopes to impact our campus with new ideas, styles and a turning point in expressing yourself. If you are looking for some sick graphics to represent your club, organization, or simply yourself, make sure to check them out.

“The world what can be accomplished with a bit of love and focus,” said Khouli.



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