CSUSB’s gender inclusive bathrooms

Unisex bathroom in the Rec Center.

By Jordan Ortega & Courtney Wilkins |Staff Writers|

Facilities Planning and Management is currently working toward fixing the restroom signs on campus.

The estimated completion date is spring 2017, according to csusb.edu.

Since 2016, California voted to change the restroom policy for all genders to be able to use the same or a neutral restroom.

The restrooms in all businesses such as this university need to be “single user restrooms.”

Here on campus, the laws are being followed with the project already underway.

“The campus has been on top of it as well as welcoming of the idea,” said Raul Maldonado, Pride Center Graduate Assistant. “The campus is making the effort to be really inclusive.”

For students, the positive effects will outweigh the negative.

Some may argue that they feel unsafe with the university following protocol going as far as to say that it is “creepy and not safe,” said student Kevin Wallace.

Students chimed in on the issue.

“Does not affect them,” said student Stephanie Miler.

“Not a big deal,” said student Mathew Robles.

“It’s no problem and completely fine,” said Destinee Smith.

“They are already single stall. You are just changing the name. It is already equipped for all people,” said student Silvana Johnston.

However, everyone will be able to use any restroom they may choose.

By allowing this choice, students will no longer have to go out of the way to use a designated restroom.

Inside the San Manuel Student Union (SMSU), there is already a gender-free bathroom option is available to all students.

The SMSU had also run a week trial of gender inclusive bathrooms instituted by the Pride Center in which students were free to choose which restroom they wanted.

For this trial, two restrooms in the SMSU were designated “gender neutral” and were given new signage for the week.

“The multistall restrooms caused the biggest uproar,” said Maldonado. “That is the one that really upset people.”

Unlike single stall bathrooms that will become all gender at CSUSB.

“When we changed the signage on the restroom over by the food court, crickets,” said Maldonado.

Currently, on campus there are gender neutral bathrooms located in other locations.

One is located inside the CSUSB Recreation & Wellness Center.

Another pair of gender neutral bathrooms are located near the pool at Serrano Village.

According to California Legislative Information, “[Restrooms] shall be identified as all-gender toilet facilities by signage.”

By spring quarter 2017 the signage outside the restrooms on campus should be up to California Code.


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