CSUSB’s drag show returns for an electrifying night

By Jasmine Turner |Staff Writer|

The CSUSB Pride Center’s Annual Drag Show sashayed its way up to a successful night with roughly 500 people attending on Feb. 11.

Students and attendees excitedly waited in line, while waiting to be seated for Yaaass, A Night for Drag.

“It is a great way to have fun and to emerge yourself into the LGBT community,” said Paul Maldomada, a Pride Center staff member.

The CSUSB Pride Center provides education and advocacy to help develop a safe and open environment for students to address the issues of homophobia and hetero-sexism.

The show featured several performers from T.V’s  “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” such as Morgan McMichaels, Sonique, and Pandora Boxx. Also, the night had a special appearance by Mayhem Miller and drag king Landon Cider.

In the Santos Manuel Student Union Event Center, the stage was set up like a fashion show with a main stage and a runway. The purple and pink lights illuminated the stage.

The audience sat on the sides or the front of the runway and enjoyed the pre-show music from different genres, with artists such as Ne-Yo and Selena Gomez.

The show began with the hostess, Anita Rose, who pumped up the audience with her energetic twerking to a remix of “Pony” by Ginuwine.

Rose charmed the audience with her jokes and enchanted them with dancing. She even told the audience the rules to festivities.

“We like two things for the show,” Anita Rose said. “Energy and tips.”

To begin the show, several amateurs worked and strutted their stuff with electrifying and exciting performances.

Miss Melanie Sings graced her appearance with her teeny bopper 1920’s-themed outfit, dancing and singing along to the song, “It Don’t Mean a Thing.”

The audience roared with applause for her fabulous performance and with her drop into the splits move.

After the amateurs performed, it was time for the professionals to strut their stuff and the audience was more than ready.

Throughout the night, the professionals whipped, flipped, strutted, sashayed and entertained the audience with all their glitz and glam performances.

McMichaels dazzled the audience with her glamorous performance of “Fancy” by Iggy Azalea. McMichaels even had the outfit to match.

When the performances ended, she left the audience on a humorous note.

“Remember, if a man looks this good in a dress, there’s no excuse for a woman,” said McMichaels.

After the show, the professional drag queens had a meet and greet, where they happily took pictures with the attendees and fans.

After the show, I interviewed Landon Cider and Pandora Boxx and asked if they had any advise for someone who wants to do drag but is too scared to do it.

“It’s really got to come from within, find the confidence and they can do it,” Landon Cider said.

Pandora Boxx had a more humorous answer.

“Run, don’t do it,” Pandora Boxx said humorously.

If you missed out on everything fabulous this event had to offer, then run out and don’t miss the next events hosted by the Pride Center like Janet Mock.



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