CSUSB working for better health care programs

by Kara DeMent | Staff Writer |

Health care costs have been an ongoing issue in the U.S. and have impacted many, including college students.

However, CSUSB is helping curb those costs by keeping students informed and aware.

Recently, the Student Health Center has been working with a program called Medi-Cal Administrative Activities Program, also known as MAA.

This is a program that reimburses colleges for connecting students with information on Medi-Cal insurance.

“The MAA program and Medi-Cal benefit to the retention and success of the students,” said Dr. Patricia Smith.

Smith, who has been serving at the Student Health Center for six years now, is very passionate about the MAA program and feels that students who are in dire need of health insurance should really check out what the program has to offer.

As of now, CSUSB is the only campus in the CSU system that has this program.

Per the program, the Student Health Center is reimbursed for numerous things such as: outreaching to students, facilitating Medi-Cal applications, the referral and monitoring of Medi-Cal, arranging transportation, translation services and program planning policy integration coordination said Smith.

Money that is reimbursed to the Student Health Center is used for medical supplies, new technology, vaccines and more.

The Student Health Center is not only using other departments to reach out to students about the services but is also getting money in return for the benefit and health of CSUSB students.

Medi-Cal is health insurance that covers various types of health including medical, vision, dental and mental health.

It’s available to students and their families. Students could sign up online at www.C4Yourself.com to see if they are eligible.

Another program offered through the MAA program is the Family Pact Program. Eligibility for Family Pact can be found in the Student Health Center.

According to the Health Center’s web page, Family Pact is a reproductive health service program that is paid for solely by the state of California.

Services such as birth control supplies, annual exams, pregnancy testing, and STI (sexually transmitted infections) testing are available to students who are eligible.

“Getting Family Pact has helped me out in so many ways. I’ve saved so much money by getting Family Pact, considering it’s free, and I would recommend it to any student. It’s nice knowing that there are programs out there to help,” said student Arlette Chavez.

Programs like the MAA, Medi-Cal and the Family Pact Program give alternatives for health insurance to students.


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