CSUSB retains prestigious business accreditation

By Andres Ibarra |Staff Writer|


CSUSB’s College of Business has been considered one of the best business schools in the world by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), according to the school’s Public Affairs staff.
CSUSB is one of very few schools to receive the honor of being accredited by the AACSB.
The College of Business first received accreditation in 1994, and since then the college has done all in its power to make sure that it maintains that prestige.
Out of all of the schools in the world, only five percent receive this honor.
Accreditation from the AACSB is often considered one of the world’s highest honors for schools
AACSB recognizes schools for the quality of its staff and curriculum.
“It takes a great deal of commitment and determination to earn and maintain the AACSB Accreditation,” said Robert D. Reid, chief accreditation officer and vice president of AACSB.
Craig Seal, the director in charge of accreditation, said that the five year extension of the accreditation “reaffirms the hard work of the faculty and staff, and our commitment to continuous improvement.”
The Dean of the College of Business, Lawrence D. Rose, said that maintaining the extension of the accreditation is more difficult than actually attaining the accreditation itself.
“It’s a tribute to our staff and to our faculty, both full-and part-time, that we have been able to continuously and consistently improve the quality of instruction and research,” said Rose to Public Affairs.
“This achievement really speaks to this level of commitment the College of Business and Public Administration has to student success, accountability, and diversity,” said CSUSB President Tomas Morales.
When asked about the accreditation, associate professor Dr. Gene Andrusco said that it helps maintain quality.
“All organizations like these help regulate schools and with a system as big as the Cal State system, it helps keep the quality up,” said Andrusco.
“I’ve really good experiences with the staff,” said business student Jenny Alice when asked her thoughts on the quality of the staff. “But at the end of the day it just depends on what is being taught.”
Gladys Mendez, another business major, said that a lot of the teachers are very passionate about what they teach and are at their best when they teach students in the classes relevant to their majors.
The AACSB is an organization dedicated to advancing quality management education worldwide and picks the world’s top schools based on accreditation, thought leadership, and value-added services.
CSUSB’s business program has been held in high regard throughout the nations, receiving recognition from several outlets like The Princeton Review and CEO Magazine.
The College of Business currently serves over 2,800 undergraduates and 470 graduates from various different countries and holds five other prestigious honors.

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