CSUSB president proposes plan to end student disturbance

By Marlyn Rodriguez |Opinions Editor|

IMG_1615CSUSB president plans to work with local communities to help improve student conduct in residential areas surrounding campus.
President Dr. Tomas Morales provided a commentary in The Sun where he states he is planning on reaching out to local landlords at apartment complexes where students are known to reside.
One claim is that local landlords should be held responsible for maintaining their property and understanding the unpredictability that can come with housing too many residents.
He states that he, along with many other college administrators across the nation understand that just because a student is old enough to attend college, it doesn’t mean they are responsible and mature enough to be on their own.
His plan is to come to some form of agreement on what these landlords expect from students and ways that CSUSB can help ensure their students fulfill those expectations.
Morales continued on to say that students are expected to abide by a code of conduct whether they live on or off campus.
Students are informed about the code of conduct during their freshmen orientation that they are required to attend.
During the orientation, they are presented a variety of topics that are aimed to help them engage in their community.
For example, they learn about alcohol and drug abuse and giving back to the community as well as about cultural diversity.
“We remain committed to educating our students on intangibles such as leadership, integrity, and responsibility,” stated Morales in his commentary.
When paying close attention to the Standards for Student Conduct, the rules and regulations are followed by a statement that reads, “At University related activity or directed to a person within or related to the University community.”
CSUSB Police Chief Jimmie Brown said that he doesn’t recall having to deal with any misconduct around campus but that Campus Police have heard complaints from the San Bernardino Police Department about problems caused by partying around the local area.
He also said the possible increase of student misconduct in neighboring areas should be addressed before it becomes a problem.
Psychology professor Christine Weinkauff also had her own views on the matter.
“I would say that it is our responsibility as educators to go beyond teaching content to teaching students about life, and how any content in which any given course is embedded may be applied to their own lives,” said Weinkauff.
She also understands and recognizes that students look to professors as role models, which should be taken into consideration, as far as the impact that these professors have on students.
“Research has shown that by practicing prosocial behaviors we neutralize prejudice, enhance self-esteem and increase the investment individuals have in their neighborhood, which in turn reduces crime,” added Weinkauff.
At the end of her statement, she added completely agrees with Morales and that she feels he makes a good point.
However, some students seem to disagree.
“Integrity can’t be taught. Professors tell us in every class every quarter to not plagiarize.Yet, students still do it,” said student Simrangitj Sandhu.
There are no details on the specific plan and how Pres. Morales plans to carry out the idea.

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