CSUSB needs more designated smoking areas

By Mark Klopping |Staff Writer|


There should be an increased number of designated smoking areas.

CSUSB students who smoke feel that they are limited on where they can light up.

Obviously there is no smoking indoors but when you step outside, remember that most businesses require that you must be at least 20 feet from the doorway in order for you to smoke, according to the state laws on smokefreesandiego.org.

This is not the case when it comes to the smoking policy found on the CSUSB website.

According to the CSUSB website, “Tobacco use and smoking are prohibited on all CSUSB property and in all indoor and outdoor spaces owned, leased, licensed, or otherwise controlled by CSUSB, with the exception of designated smoking areas.”

So does this limit the students who smoke on our campus too much?

In fact, when I was walking around campus, I noticed there was hardly any smokers breaking the rules.

Perry Wooten holds his lit cigarette in one hand and a study guide in the other. “I’m going to respect the rules regardless,” said Wooten.

Wooten followed up on his statement by saying he also tries to seclude himself when smoking. The rules are not really what bothers Wooten and other smokers.

In fact, they do not mind following the rules but other limitations do exist for students like Dustin Shepherd. “I don’t have a problem with the designated areas but they are so minimal,” said Shepherd.


Being a student that smokes myself, I have only come across one area on campus that supports smokers.

Shepard and Wooten also mentioned there are only a few designated smoke areas. “If you’re a smoker, you’ll find them,” said Shepherd.

Since smoking is only allowed outside and not indoors, this campus is not very smoker friendly.

Some of the locations have a better view of the campus’s scenery than others.

While taking a break in the UH building’s designated smoking area with her friends, who also smoke, Tabitha Lehouiller complains that she is not fond of the view.

“Here, it feels like a prison yard,” said Lehouillier.

“Well, it’s not as bad as Six Flags. There, they have a blue bench that you have to sit on to smoke,” Shepard added.

If the law for a business is 20 feet as a respectable distance to light up, then why do students feel confined when they smoke on a public campus?

In my opinion, as long as there is no harm to people surrounding you, there should be no problem with smoking out in the open.

This problem also follows students to their cars.

Student Fernando Victoria has encountered this problem before.“I can’t even smoke in my own car without campus police saying something,” said Victoria.

As a young adult, I found myself smoking for about three years of my life. If I chose to light a cigarette outdoors, I would have done it with consideration of the people around me.

Designated smoking areas are not the evil in this situation. The fact there are only few and far apart from each other limits the time students with back-to-back classes have to get to a designated smoking area and enjoy a quick smoking break before class starts.

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