CSUSB named “Global Excellence”

By Krystina Pedersen |Staff Writer|

CSUSB has the honor of announcing that eight of its faculty members were honored at the 14th Annual International Business Summit and Research Conference at Amity University in Noida, India.

This conference is among the largest assemblies of academic professionals and researchers in India. It serves as a stepping stool for discussions, presentations and student networking opportunities.

The conference was held on Feb. 22-24, however none of the faculty members honored were able to attend the conference due to late notification, but at the conference CSUSB was named the “Global Academic Excellence University.”

As for the CSUSB faculty members that were honored, each was honored for their achievements in promoting global education and were named “Global Academic Excellence Professors,” they were each selected by an international panel of jurists.

The professors honored were Pete Robertshaw (anthropology), Rosalie Giacchino-Baker (language, literacy and culture), Rueyling Chuang (communications), Hosang So (kinesiology), Chetan Prakash (mathematics), Lawrence Rose (business and public administration), Vipin Gupta (Global Management Center) and Frank Lin (Global Management Center).

This is Rosalie Giacchino-Baker twentieth year here at CSUSB, and although she was unable to attend this conference she has had the privilege to travel to India on past conferences.

Giacchino-Baker recently went to India this past November as her second trip to that country; she had the luxury of visiting Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai as well as participate in conferences at the local hotels.

“We met university representatives all over the world as well as students interested in the campus and other professors, it was a very productive conference,” said Giacchino-Baker.

For Rose it is exciting to be a part of CSUSB and to be recognized for contributions made in his academic career regarding global education.

“It is a very humbling experience to be recognized for activities that are a part of your job,” said Rose, who over the years has received other teaching recognitions for finance but never an award of this sort.

Rose believes in global education and business awareness, and one of CSUSB’s greatest strengths is its ability to deliver a strong global experience; it is an area of excellence. The college of business for example has been ranked in the top six percent worldwide since 2010.

Over 200 foreign delegates representing more than 100 different countries participated at the conference along with others from the host nation of India.


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