CSUSB honors librarian for contribution

PfauLibrary_Gina-Schlesselman-Tarango_web-300x300By Felipe Montano |Staff Writer|

Gina Schlesselman-Tarango has been named CSUSB Librarian of the Year.

Schlesselman-Tarango has been a part of the Pfau library since 2014.

Schlesselman-Tarango graduated from Drake University with a bachelor’s in Sociology and Anthropology; completed a master’s in social science from University of Colorado, Denver; and also master’s of library and information science from University of Denver.

In her role as librarian, Gina has become an exceptional resource for students and faculty, earning praise from her peers, as well as the students who have utilized her services.

Pfau Library can speak to her influence as she has significantly improved services and instruction on the subject of advancing information literacy.

“My goal is to ensure that students engage critically with the information they encounter in the world. I teach workshops and classes, create online learning objects, and help the CSUSB community at the reference desk,” stated Schlesselman-Tarango.

Schlesselman-Tarango makes it a point to look for ways to make a significant impact on the campus community, exemplifying this when she created the Critical Information Literacy Laboratory, located in Pfau, intended for the faculty’s use in materials and instructional services.

“My philosophy is one that values both traditional research skills and critical ideas or concepts that transcend ever-changing search interfaces,” continued Schlesselman-Tarango.

Schlesselman-Tarango is also a part of the CSUSB Faculty Senate, GE Think Tank, Initiate Advisory Board and Steering Committee, and is a participant of the New Faculty Learning Community.

These duties and accomplishments prove her exemplary care and efforts to construct a notable contribution to the campus community.

These characteristics are ideal for the Librarian of the Year criterion.

“She is an outstanding librarian, with a great deal of research experience and a number of published works. She has surpassed all expectations, setting a high standard for librarians,” stated Dean of Pfau Library Cesar Caballero.

In addition to creating this assistance for faculty, Gina mentioned her drive to the experiences she has with students.

“I really enjoy facilitating experiences that allow students to understand the role that information production and consumption plays in the academy. Basically, I love what I do, so it usually doesn’t feel like “work” to me,” stated Schlesselman-Tarango.

She will receive $1,000 as part of her award, which may be used to fund any work-related project.

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