CSUSB helps young boys become gentlemen

By Stephanie Panigua |Staff Writer|

Chivalry was the topic of a local high school’s program seminar in conjunction with a questionnaire panel made up of CSUSB students.

On Oct. 26, San Bernardino High School (SBHS) hosted a day-long seminar for their male high school students titled “Man of Integrity, Man of my World.”

Five female CSUSB students from Kappa Delta Sorority volunteered to be a part of a  questionnaire panel answering questions and concerns the young men had in relation to being gentlemen.

“I wanted to participate in the seminar because I felt like my input about what women want out of men would be a good influence on these boys and would let them know that the media isn’t true,” said CSUSB student Miranda Espinoza. “I wanted to let these young men know what is really going on out there,” she continued.

The purpose of the seminar was to educate young men on the value of education, the importance of inner strength and confidence, and how necessary it is to never lose hope when obstacles overwhelm them.

“Boys these days are not going to raise their hand in class and ask for help because that isn’t considered ‘cool’,” said Michelle Rogers, Program Specialist for San Bernardino High School and founder of the program. “They are not going to admit that they need help or that they don’t understand something. Boys typically need more motivation,” she explained.

Teresa Gonzalez, an alumnus of CSUSB and Kappa Delta Sorority, explained that she wanted to participate in the program because she saw what a good influence it had on her younger brothers who also attended SBHS and the seminar during its second year.

“My brothers didn’t have many good male role models in their lives and I knew how important that was for them and every other boy at that school,” said Gonzalez. “I believe this program helps the students even if they only learn one thing out of the whole day. It shows them that successful people aren’t just born into success, but that they work for it every day,” she said.

ROTC student Miguel Iniguez of SBHS said that he participated in the program because he wanted to know how women want men to act nowadays.

“In ROTC we are taught how to respect and honor people as opposed to being gentlemen,” said Iniguez.

Alex Felise, also a member of ROTC, said that he attended the program to hear the advice the speakers had to give.

The seminar has been a running program within SBHS for five years. Since its installation at SBHS, Gonzalez stated that there has been evidence of a change in attitude among boys who participated in the seminar.

“We do receive comments from teachers and usually it is positive on how they have seen an improvement in their student since attending the program,” said Gonzalez.

Gonzalez continued by stressing that one of the main aspects of the program is the presence of guest speakers. The speakers make themselves available to students by giving them access to personal phone numbers or emails in order to keep in contact and for any questions the students may have.

Guest speakers included former NFL Football player Mark Seay, Chief of Police Joseph Paulino, Assistant Superintendent of San Bernardino County Unified School District (SBCUSD) Dr. Kennon Mitchell and SBCUSD Youth Services Director Ray Culberson.

Rogers said that expanding the program to other high schools in the Inland Empire is a future possibility.


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