CSUSB helps Humboldt nursing students finish degree

By Lena Torres |Staff WRiter|

CSUSB will give students of Humboldt State University (HSU) a chance to complete their  nursing credentials via an online bridge program as their own campus’ program is forced to end.

Last February HSU announced it will be discontinuing its nursing program, causing its students who are seeking a bachelor’s or master’s in nursing to attend Sonoma State, CSU Chico, or a private college.

However, the partnership between CSUSB and HSU gives the alternative of online courses.

Expected to being Fall quarter of 2012, HSU students will be able to earn a bachelor or masters of science in nursing through online CSUSB courses.

CSUSB will reserve five to eight slots for Humboldt students. This amount exceeds current demand.

The program will involve distance course work at CSUSB, along with clinical work at local health facilities. HSU will arrange clinical placement with local health care providers and offer prerequisite courses.

The bridge program is designed for working nurses as well as those who already hold a two-year nursing degree.

Students will only meet with an instructor about three times. The remainder of the courses will be online through the CSUSB Blackboard web site. Students in the program will be enrolled in CSUSB and HSU concurrently.

Part-time instructors in the Humboldt area will be recruited by officials in the CSUSB nursing department.

Students such a Jason Marsh, who was admitted into the HSU program right before its discontinuation, are happy to know they will no longer have to relocate. Marsh said a lot of registered nurses will be able to get their bachelor’s degrees.

“This is especially good news for me,” said Marsh. “ It means I won’t have to move to another area.”

The decision to discontinue the nursing program at HSU is a result of high costs and difficulty recruiting and retaining staff.

HSU’s nursing program is currently no longer admitting students. Those already in the program will be able to finish, however the program will come to an end in Fall of 2012.

HSU’s dean of Health and Emergency Occupations, Pat Girczyc, expressed her disappointment in the decision to end the program, because on average 60 percent of the nursing program graduates choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree.

CSUSB’s nursing department is happy to offer alternatives to the students seeking to advance their education.

Dwight Sweeney chair of CSUSB’s nursing department stated the department is pleased to make available CSUSB’s online nursing programs to north coast health care employers to meet the area’s demand for advancing their education and professional goals.

Those seeking further information on CSUSB’s nursing program can visit http://nursing.csusb.edu.


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