CSUSB, give us a freebie

By Nic Gibbs |Staff Writer|

I do not often side with students who whine and complain about life being difficult.

However, everywhere I turn I feel like this campus is trying to squeeze another dime out of my pocket.

I have spent six years as a college student and although I am about to graduate I am leaving poor, tired and without the prospect of a job.

There is a morale problem on this campus and I think it is time our administration start paying attention and doing something about it.

The college campus is supposed to work for us, not against us.

So the question I want to ask is: Why can’t the campus be more creative in increasing the morale on campus?

I suggest that they find ways of getting things we need in our pockets without us having to pay for them.

It doesn’t matter what it is, the reality is when you get something free it makes your day better.

There are companies out there looking for creative ways to advertise to young consumers and if we partner with some of these it would not be hard to accomplish this goal.

Hand out pens, Scantrons or a game where you receive a free massage if you are able to win the game.

Find a way to put a penny in our pocket or, better yet, keep from taking more nickels out.

For all intents and purposes, we came to college because we believed it was the right thing to do and the quickest way to the top.

With each tuition increase those ideas are quickly slipping away.

I often think that students lose sight of why they are working as hard as they are for a degree when we are hearing more and more that we have no guarantee of a job when we get out.

I am not denying that there are free goods and services offered on college campuses for those thrifty enough to find them.

If the university claims that there are plenty of perks to being a college student and ultimately a college graduate, I am asking that they do a better job leading students to these advantages.

True, students need to have ambition and drive to do things for themselves and part of the problem is the apathetic nature many students have towards school.

More free stuff is not going to solve all of these problems.  But it will take some of the air out of the student’s argument that our schools do nothing to help us succeed.

College life can be fun, exhilarating and mind blowing.

It can be challenging as well.

The challenges are a part of the experience and I am not asking the university to hold our hands.

What I am saying is that I hope the university can be proactive in getting ahead of the fact that most students feel the college is against them and not for them.



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