CSUSB Courses Offered Around the World

By Alejandra Arana |Staff Writer|

Indulge yourself in learning courses taught at CSUSB, but also offered in countries like Costa Rice, Japan, Korea and Spain.  Students that are in good academic standing with CSUSB may want to study aboard.

The Center for International Studies and Programs is hosting study abroad trips.  There are short trip sessions that will last about a month, but there are one-year programs that students can take advantage of as well.

“Programs like these are intended to motivate students to work harder with their academics so they can get out of San Bernardino and experience new places,” said Elva Salgado, Study Broad Coordinator. “Some students here have never been on a plane or left San Bernardino and we are here to work with them and experience something new.”

Director of the program Paul Amaya says he attended a one-year program in Japan when he was in college. “It changed my life. I discovered a world I never knew existed,” said Amaya. “We recommend one year programs but even a month will expose students to a positive experience.”

Several students on our campus have already taken advantage of trips during the summer, like Adam Diaz who has been to Spain, Italy, South Korea and this summer is looking forward to learning in Costa Rica.

“These trips have helped me keep an open mind to the differences that are within each of us. The differences that we all carry with us can be too easily judged by others,” said Diaz.

Traveling to foreign countries can allow you to experience the other cultures and create your own opinions of them.

“I wanted to go abroad because its one thing to get a perception of the world through a book and another to experience it,” said Ashley Brown who will be attending the Costa Rica Program.

There is financial aid that will help students with these trips. It is a first-come first-served basis, so the earlier you decide on what program you want to attend, the sooner you can apply for aid.

Amaya explains how taking advantage of these trips will allow you to stand out. “If you are in a panel for a job position, the company will hire the person with abroad experience because they have an advantage and have an edge over the rest.”

Students that are in good standing must have at least a 2.0 GPA overall, and have no holds on their account and all courses will have credit counted toward your GPA.

All of these programs are still open and if you are interested, contact  Elva Salgado at esalgado@csusb.edu with questions about trips.

It’s not too late to take advantage of trips like this one and get a chance to see the world through your own eyes.