CSUSB Business Alliance to hold business event on May 13.

By Fernando Torres |Staff Writer|

The event will stress the importance of culture and organization. For example, how management can improve their communication between themselves and the employees.

The talking points of the speakers will deal with building organizational culture and how to help business create a vision, defining core values, and stating their mission.

“This event came about after last year presentation about health care and how it affected people. Based on a survey people wanted a lecture on leadership”, said Shelley Brown, event organizer for CSUSB College of Business and Public Administration.

Brown said that the event will educate the public, faculty, and anybody else wanting to learn more about any of those topics.

“This event will create exposure for the campus, community members, and business leaders,” said Brown.

John King is an author of two books Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization and The Coaching Revolution. King is also the co-founder Culture Sync, a consulting firm. King is in demand as a speaker, and clients of his practices have been presented on newspaper like the Wall Street Journal.

Gregory C. Deveraux, is the chief executive officer of the county of San Bernardino. Deveraux has also served as city manager for the cities of Fontana and Ontario, Ca.

Ruben Estrada is the founder of Estrada Strategies, a business coaching company. Estrada also founded Estrada Strategies Foundation, an organization that helps small-business and entrepreneurs in the Inland Empire.

“In organizational culture, the business leaders clearly need to define their core values,” said Estrada. “This event will help business leaders define their vision and understand their core values.”

There are many struggles that companies face when they are getting started. There are three main reasons why these companies fail.

“The main reasons why companies fail is lack of capital, lack of management, and lack of business acumen,” said Estrada.

In relating to business acumen, Estrada said, “Only 22% of entrepreneurs have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent.”

The event will help business leaders with more effective ways of communication with their employees.

“By having honest communication with employees. Also is there is an issue with employees there needs to be open communication so they can talk about it and deal with it,” said Estrada.

Registration for this event is available through the Business Alliance website. For details of this event call (909) 535 5771.