CSUSB alum elected CSU almuni president

Dia_Poole1 Coyote ChronicleBy Manuel Sandoval |Staff Writer|

CSUSB Alum, Dia Poole, was elected president of the CSU Alumni Council.
In July Poole was inaugurated and has since partnered with CSU for a highly successful Class of 3 Million campaign.
The campaign is targeted towards CSU alumni where they can share their inspiring graduation stories, leave thank you messages to supportive faculty and staff, attend alumni events, and even share memorable college memories. The inspiration for the name of the Class of 3 Million campaign came from the fact that CSU Universities have over 3 million alumni.
“The CSU is constantly holding events and programs to bring CSU alumni together,” said Public Affairs Communications Specialist Stephanie Thara. “For example, as part of the Class of 3 Million celebration, Dia Poole and the CSU created the Class of 3 Million online yearbook where alumni can connect, share their stories and network with one another.” Previously, Poole served as a CSUSB alumni volunteer.
She also held a Vice President of Government Relations position where she served on the Council’s liaison to the office of Advocacy and State Relations on the CSU Alumni Legislative Day programming and Legislator of the Year selections.
“The warmth and welcome in which I have received has been overwhelming,” said Poole. “Everyone from CSU Partners to faculty and even students have thanked me for my service as an alumni volunteer.”
Students, faculty and administrators are delighted to have Poole representing CSUSB as President of CSU Alumni Affairs.
“Dia Poole’s experience working for the government brings great value to CSU Alumni Council. Her passion, dedication, and understanding of students and faculty is precious to the CSU system,” said student Reyes llusorio.
Poole plans to focus on pushing CSU alumni legacy, advocacy and service.
In 1990, Poole was a mid-career returning adult student who earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. She has served as a legislative advocate in the Judicial Council of California’s Sacramento Office of Governmental Affairs.
“Going to school and working full time was tiring,” said Dia Poole. “After working a long full day at the County of San Bernardino, I would go to school at night. I knew how important it was for me to get a higher education and my experience as a student was absolutely invaluable.”
Now retired from the State of California, she will be able to commit more of her time to help encourage other CSU alumni to give back. She hopes to connect with more CSU alumni to share their stories about how their CSU has impacted their life and career to inspire others to do the same.
“What alumni may not realize is that writing one letter to an elected official, attending one alumni event, or sharing their story in their community makes all the difference and can help touch the lives of thousands of current and future CSU students,” said Poole.
For more information regarding the Class of 3 Million campaign log on to Classof3million.calstate.edu.

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