CSU limits new president salaries to 110 percent of incumbent’ss

By Melissa Benton |Staff Writer|

Incoming presidents of CSU campuses will not receive a starting salary of 110 percent of that of the incumbent’s base pay, according to a CSU press release.
The new policy, declared by the CSU Board of Trustees on Jan. 25, was first introduced from the Special Committee on Presidential Selection and Compensation which has been reviewing the system’s selection process and executive compensation structure.
According to CSU board bhair Herbert Carter, the new policy will aid all presidential candidates, the public and others by maintaining presidential salaries at a reasonable level in the future.
“Our continued goal is to recruit and compete for the best leadership possible, but also within articulated budget guidelines,” said Carter.
CSU is currently in the process of identifying new campus presidents for San Bernardino, Northridge, San Francisco and the Maritime Academy.


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