CSU Chancellor Timothy White speaks to CSUSB

By Cherie Brower |Staff Writer|

CSU Chancellor Dr. Timothy P. White visited CSUSB, Oct. 6, to address students and faculty.
The CSUSB visit was White’s seventh visit to a CSU campus this fall, and his third campus visit last week.
The purpose of the visit, he said, was “designed to give me a ‘deeper dive’ into the magic that makes up San Bernardino.”
As White’s speech unfolded, he thanked facilities keepers for keeping up the campus, and also gave a tip-of-the-hat to staff for their efforts in the function of CSUSB.
During his visit to the campus, White stopped by the Student’s Club fair, as well as visited the new DREAMers Center, which he called “very inspiring.”
White also stopped by the cyber security lab and joked about flying a drone in the hallway of the department.
White addressed the matter on the ongoing wage negotiations between CSU and the faculty union. White firmly stated that he was not in a position to talk about the matter, but that collective bargaining is ongoing in “good faith.” In relation to professors, in White’s own words, “I started as a grunt a long time ago.”
White discussed strategic planning for the CSU system. The strategic plan that White would like to see adopted would be considered an “umbrella” plan: one plan would cover all campuses, with smaller “umbrellas” for each individual campus.
White touched briefly on the topic of resource acquisition and distribution. “We must live within our means,” White said. “We are making progress, but we are not there by any means.”
In terms of distributing resources in a balanced way, White said, “I’m committed, going forward, in making progress.”
Time was allotted in White’s speech for questions and answers.
A CSUSB student asked White how philanthropy will benefit the CSU system in the future.
“Philanthropy is only going to become a bigger success in the years ahead,” according to White.
During the Q&A, some students acknowledged CSUSB President Dr. Tomás Morales.
“We will defend President Morales to the end!” exclaimed the student.
White also acknowledged Morales’ leadership, and spoke of change that new leaders bring about. Change, according to White, is beneficial. “A university in equilibrium is a university in trouble.”
Another student asked White about the possibility of increased enrollment for CSUSB.
White said, “Can Tomás enroll as many students as he wants? No.”
According to White, CSUSB is at 104 percent capacity of the student body that is funded by the state.
This means four percent of the CSUSB student body is over what funding allocates and is unfunded by the state. As White said, “Enrollment is an “imperfect art.”
The final question of the evening was posed by Dr. Chris Naticchia, a professor of philosophy at CSUSB, in regards to the faculty wage increase request.
Taking from White’s earlier mention of “living within our means,” Naticchia asked White: “Do you mean to think that the faculty request is a request not to live within our means?”
“I can’t do anything about what happened before I got here,” said White. Despite the continued defunding of CSU by politicians, White acknowledged that compensation is one of his top priorities.
“It took multiple years to get into the hole, and it will take multiple years to get out of it.”
As the future unfolds for the CSU system, time will tell if progressive change will come under White. As he closed his speech, White ended with the emphasis, “I’m committed to it.”

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