CSU budget tightens belt

By Angelina Garibay |Staff Writer|

The CSU system is being asked to tighten their belts once again in the midst of a budget that could potentially reduce state funding by a total of $1 billion.
You can’t open a newspaper or go online without news of California’s budget crisis right in your face.
The trouble with so much news is that we can get desensitized to the grave issues that are facing all of us university students throughout the state.

It isn’t just the colleges that are suffering.

K-12 schools throughout the state are expected to have their budgets sliced as well. Reducing the number of teachers per child will effect how many are prepared for college.

The snowball keeps on rolling. Fewer students to enroll in the universities will cause them to lose even more money.

The Republicans want the schools to cut their budgets by a ridiculously high amount. CSUSB’s piece of that $1 billion cut would be about $20 million.

What that means for students here is the increasing difficulty of getting into classes to graduate and rising tuition costs. It will take more money beyond the hikes, because you will have to continue paying tuition and taking classes that might not work in your major.

Furthermore, this means CSUSB faculty and staff will be looking out for those pink slips.

Surely everyone can agree that education in California is important for the state’s future and competitive edge.

The blame game in Sacramento has to stop.

This tug of war between Republicans and Democrats isn’t getting us anywhere. Both parties are guilty of the situation we are now in.

One of the solutions suggested for the crisis is to get into the pension funds set up for government employees.

I am all for reworking those funds, but are the political parties ready to let their own plans get worked over?

It’s crazy that political officeholders serve for one session and then get paid that salary for the rest of their lives. No wonder they can afford to send their children off to private colleges.

No wonder they don’t feel the fire under them to get the education system fixed.

Another area for cutting the deficit is the prison system.

A prisoner costs the state almost $50,000 per year. Compare that to the $6,741 that California chips into the university system, per student, with that student contributing close to $5,000 per year according to The Sun.

You know California is getting a better return for the education investment than it is getting with the prison investment.

The deadline for getting a measure on the ballot for the education tax extensions has passed. Gov. Jerry Brown was unable to get four Republicans to sign it.

The deadline has passed for the citizens to get together and get a measure on a July ballot.

What can a concerned CSUSB student do?

It is easier now more than ever to get your voice heard. You can push those social media buttons and get involved.

Get on your congressman’s webpage and tell them your concerns. Post a YouTube video with your fellow students and get your opinions out there.

Find pages on Facebook that you can relate to your stance. Comment on articles in the newspaper online.

And most importantly of all, vote.

You have a voice, now use it.



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