CrossFit connoisseurs: Gamez & Roppolo

Donny Roppolo at Axiom Crossfit gym

Donny Roppolo at Axiom Crossfit gym

By Jasmine Perez |Staff Writer|

The exercise phenomenon of CrossFit is rapidly growing in the fitness world, increasing the number of passionate members.

In 2000, Greg Glassman founded CrossFit in Santa Cruz, CA. The exercise regimen started specifically to increase the intensity of workouts in hopes to improve fitness and health.

Crossfit now has more than 13,000 gyms opened worldwide.

Student, Donny Roppolo, is a member of Axiom CrossFit gym in Rancho Cucamonga.

“I really enjoy this gym because of the excellent quality of coaches,” said Roppolo.

“CrossFit tends to get a bad reputation for teaching improper technique, but Axiom provides a meticulous level of coaching that is so beneficial to your health and safety while performing the vast array of movements,” continued Roppolo.

The types of movements and workouts included in CrossFit are weightlifting, powerlifting, rowing, calisthenics, some aspects of gymnastics and various other types exercises.

Roppolo, at first, was not sure whether CrossFit was something for him.

“I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the incredible athletes that I see CrossFit gym produce,” said Roppolo.

He later realized that anyone could do CrossFit if they really wanted to.

“Once I attended I realized that the people there were a huge mix of old, young, big, small, fast, slow people all completing the daily workout in different ways,” commented Roppolo.

CrossFit is very driven to see results. Gyms use whiteboards or scoreboards to keep track of the progress of members and different competitions are always being held within the community.

April Gamez at Block Crossfit

April Gamez at Block Crossfit

Alumni April Gamez, has been competing for 4 years.

“Competitions really bring out my competitive side and it is one of my favorite parts about being part of the CrossFit community,” said Gamez.

“I compete at least once or twice a month because competitions take a toll on your body,” added Gamez.

Gamez attends Block CrossFit in Redlands. She sometimes competes for her gym or sometimes for her sponsors.

“I personally attend my gym because of the competitiveness and that pushes me to be a better athlete,” commented Gamez.

Each CrossFit gym is unique in their own way. Some gyms focus on powerlifting and gaining muscle, some gyms focus onCrossFitt exercises that have weight loss challenges, and some gyms focus on the competitiveness and competitions.

“CrossFit provided me with that level of competition that I needed,” commented Roppolo.

Although Roppolo respects the isolation style of weightlifting, such as doing exercises on your own at a 24 Hour Fitness or LA Fitness, he feels that the style Crossfit provides is more programing, coaching and inspiration.

“When you join a CrossFit gym you are joining a family, the community is what keeps people going back to these gyms. If I miss a day, I will receive multiple text messages asking where I am at. It is honestly hard not to go,” added Roppolo.

Roppolo advises people who want to try out Crossfit to search for a local gym and try out the first few free classes.

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