Coyotes women’s soccer defeat Gators 2-1

By Loydie Burmah |Staff Writer|

Coyotes women’s soccer captured a victory in an arduous match winning 2-1, against the San Franscisco State Gators at the Primier Field on Oct 26.

“They [Gators] definitely brought the most heart that we’ve seen all season. I know a lot of teams in our conference count them out at times, but they definitely brought all the heart to put us on our toes to take us into that overtime game,” said Coyote senior forward Jasmine WIlliams.

Both teams displayed fierce tactics to take each other out, Coyotes and Gators contuing their battle into not one, but two overtimes.

“We [Coyotes] played well, I think they caught us off guard at first, but then we cut deep and came back to win it,” said Williams.

Coyotes attempted 6 shots within the first period, while Gators managed to fire off 3, but no goals were made.

Senior midfielder Susan Ibarra attempted a shot at the 18 minute, but the direction of ball went too high, missing the goal box.

Shots were also attempted [senior forward] Williams and defender Kiersten Miller, sophomore forward Kiana Quarles.

The match heated up in the second period when Gators forward Alex Palomino assisted by forward Shannon Rauschnot scored in the 64 minute.

Rauschnot shot towards the left of the goal on a one on one against Coyote goalkeeper Emily Whyte.

Junior midfielder Melanie Aguayo attempted to counter with a shot to give Coyotes their first goal in the 69 minute, but it was saved by Gator goalkeeper Allison Land.

Coyote junior defender Kiersten MIller assisted by a pass from Williams kicked the ball from about 30 yards past the midfield stripe towards the right, which ricocheted right off the goal post and went in left.

Coyotes and Gators remained tied 1-1 throughout the remainder of the period, leading them into OT (overtime) 1.

Miller opened the first overtime with a header, and senior defender Kelly Keyes ended it with an attempted shot but both were saved by Land.

Coyotes [sophomore forward] Quarles scored the winning goal on a fast break from 30 yards on a pass from Williams, which she drove right of the goal.

Overall the Coyotes outshot the Gators 20-7, including 4 shots made between the two overtimes.

Coyote goalkeeper Whyte had 3 saves while Land managed 9.

This is the Coyotes fifth straight win after defeating teams Humboldt, Stanislaus, East Bay, and Monterrey.

“A lot of teams in our conference count us […] but we are a very good team this year, and we hope to bring it, and show our opponents that we’re not playing this year,”  said Williams in regards to her aspirations for the CCAA Tournament.

“We want a championship just as bad as everyone else in this country,” added Williams.

Coyotes women’s soccer is a dynamic team with a lot of dedicated heart, strong skills, and intense drive.

“We hope everyone is watching and sends their love and support because we need it! And we hope to bring back a championship for our school,” concluded Jasmine.

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