Coyotes talk summer plans

By Erica Wong |Staff Writer|

As the school year comes to a close, one of the only things getting students through finals is looking forward to summer.

However, not all students get the luxury of a break. Many people continue to juggle classes, internships, jobs, and friends in order to get ahead.

“I plan on going to summer school here at Cal State or Crafton and working full time. I’m going to take a trip to Miami for sure and I’m also saving for a trip to Australia. I also need to take this time off to mentally prepare myself for next school year” –Jacob Calloway


“I hope to pass the CBEST (the test to become a substitute teacher), to find a second job because I currently work at the bookstore. I hope to visit my family that lives in Northern California, and spend more time with my friends without the distraction of school.” –Kelsie Lewis


“I for sure want to travel this summer, hopefully to Australia and maybe Brazil.” –Kordel Wilson

“This summer, I plan to work at my internship in business as well as go to school at Crafton for firefighting. I also hope to have quality time with friends and family.” –Miguel Jimenez


“I’m going to work out and I hope to play basketball professionally overseas. I want to travel the States, hang out with my girlfriend, network, and try to open up a resort in Brazil with my friend.” –Josh Gouch


“I’ll be working and going to go to summer school to finish up some classes. I’m going to go to Ohio and Atlanta and probably New York. I also want to go camping in August.” –Brandon Sims

“I’m moving back to Minnesota at the end of this quarter and I’m gonna miss California so much. I’m going [to] miss the palm trees and the beaches. But my plans this summer are to travel to Jamaica, and keep on inspiring people through my graphic design skills. I also hope to do a lot of photography.” –Gerald Edwards


“I’m going to go to Mexico with my family. I am also going to Honduras to participate in a pre-med internship. I’m going to renew my Disneyland pass, so I’m gonna be there like, twice a week. I also want to get a gym membership so I can focus on working out.” –Christina Estrella


“I’m going to be taking summer classes, but I’m also going to go to Vegas, go to Catalina Island with my family, and go camping at the beach.” –Ashlee Marquez

Whether you are traveling or sitting in a classroom, it’s always important to stay safe and enjoy yourself.

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