Coyotes need to howl for a change

By Lizbeth Lopez |Staff Writer|

CSUSB has been too slow in demonstrating our discontent with the tuition hikes compared to other CSUs.

We should all know by now that they have gotten out of hand.

For a CSU campus that currently enrolls more than 17,500 students, why does Occupy CSUSB, which expresses the belief that we should protest on our campus, have only 112 likes on Facebook?

Yes, students have gathered in front of the Pfau Library to protest the rising fees and effects on the quality of higher education in California, but that turnout has had minimal effect.

In a previous Coyote Chronicle article, it was reported that a meeting facilitated by CSUSB’s Student for Quality Education (SQE) on Nov. 22 of last year, a mere 30 attendees gathered outside the Blue Coyote Pub in the SMSU.

The purpose of the meeting was to try and get the “Occupy” wave to come to CSUSB, but this does not appear to have happened relative to potential.

The L.A Times reported that UCR had a passionate crowd of up to 500 protesters throughout its campus on Jan. 26.

University of California, Riverside is relatively close to CSUSB, yet we are not nearly as actively involved as them. The number of people voicing their opinion at that university puts ours to shame.

We should be more active in raising our voices and demonstrating our dissatisfaction with tuition increases, the lack of class availability, and the number of full time professors.
We are not doing enough!

It is pitiful that a great majority of us complain about the tuition fee increases, parking permit prices, and inability to get classes yet don’t do enough, if anything about it.

Take an initiative and stop making excuses for your lack of involvement.

I am a student too and I understand that we are pressed for time because most of us work, go to school to pay tuition out of pocket and allot time to spend time with our families.

It is no secret that the majority of CSUB students are county wide commuters from San Bernardino and Riverside, and I understand that commuting is a chunk of our lives.

However, CSU fee increases affect all of us and our families down the line.

Consider this: commuters have the added financial burden of cost of fuel, thus, more than anyone, we should be doing our best to halt tuition increases.

California Grants and federal financial aid as it currently exists is insufficient, and you can be assured that there will be another tuition fee increase this time next year if something isn’t done forthwith.

We have the tools in the palms of our hands, so let us put them to good use.

It is unimaginable to think that students on campus may not own a smartphone but, if that is the case, we still have access to the Internet.

Instead of following the next pop star, you should follow Occupy CSUSB on Facebook for meeting times, event updates and information in an endeavor to voice your frustration with tuition increases and poorer educational environments.

We all have access to BlackBoard. Send mass e-mails to all your classmates of upcoming movements here at CSUSB.

The rest of the students can then forward that e-mail to their classmates in other classes, and they can do the same, which would create a more informed student body.

We can also inform and promote Occupy CSUSB on CSUSB’s Coyote Radio to inform everyone who listens on to them on the Internet about our grievances.

We are the voice for our children and their children and it is in our hands to act now for their future.


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