Coyotes howl into savings

by Jhonise Hamilton | Staff Writer |

With all the budget cuts and tuition increases, students and staff at CSUSB and people in the community could use coupons to help save money.

More people are signing up on coupon websites to receive discounts on the products they buy. Signing up for e-mails from the Coyote Coupon Club is a way to help save.

When you sign up for the coupon club, you submit a valid e-mail address, the city you live in and your shopping interests.

You receive daily or sometimes weekly e-mails with coupons and discounts relevant to your shopping interests.

These coupons can be used for anything from groceries to night clubs, bars and everything in between.

“We only e-mail information relevant to what they signed up for, never share their personal information with any third party, and they can unsubscribe at anytime without penalty. Membership is free to all and is open to both our campus and the community.  Because nobody should have to pay full-price!” said Jacob Poore, the Coyote Coupon Club Program Director.

Poore thought that an idea like this would be a win-win situation for both students and local businesses.

The program not only helps CSUSB students, staff and faculty, but it also helps to bring more customers to the local businesses involved.

Last spring, work began to get e-mails out to their local subscribers.

They have been hard at work going out to local businesses asking them to participate with the knowledge that they will be brought more business.

The main goal is to aid students on a budget while helping local businesses in the process.

As it obtains more subscribers, they believe they will be able to “get coupons more targeted toward specific interests,” said Poore.

Poore and the coupon club have been successful at recruiting these businesses that they have been able to send out coupon emails on a daily basis since the start of the fall quarter.

You are probably thinking, what makes this different from the other sites that e-mail coupons to their subscribers?

Other sites such as and send out e-mails of discounts where the coupons need to be printed and redeemed at stores. The difference is that the Coyote Coupon Club e-mails coupons are ready to be used when printed.

The coupon club is available for anyone in the Inland Empire, and if you or anyone you know would like to join you can simply go to the official Facebook page (

These coupons can also be found at most of the major events on campus where they will have paper applications to fill out. To find more information you can always visit the  here on campus in PL-016.

If you are walking around campus and you see a colorful spin wheel, that’s the Coyote Coupon Club. Stop, sign up, spin the wheel and win a prize.


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