Coyotes hiking on no pants day

By Annette Verdejo |Staff Writer|

CSUSB students celebrate “No Pants Day” with a good old fashioned trek through the San Jacinto Mountains, without their pants of course.
The first Friday in May is always no pants day. It’s an internationally celebrated day in which more than just students can celebrate.
The purpose of No Pants Day is simply to leave your pants at home for a day and enjoy breaking the social taboo and seeing peoples reactions when they realize you’re not wearing any pants.
The CSUSB Outdoors program is celebrating this day with a hike on the Cedar Springs Trail in the San Jacinto Mountains.
Some of the guidelines for the celebration of No Pants Day, are you cannot wear pants, skirts, kilts or a dress. The typical attire is modest boxer shorts.

“It sounds like a prank that caught on and more people started participating in it until it had become internationally known. I can’t believe that people in Australia are celebrating this and I had no idea that it actually existed,” said student Anthony Kruger.

In fact, most of the people who I asked about No Pants Day, actually had no idea that the holiday even existed.

“When you first asked me if I would go on a hike with no pants, I thought you were crazy, but after you explained it I changed my mind. I would actually like to participate in that trip. Who doesn’t enjoy the fresh breeze on their legs every now and then,” said student Daniel Ramon.
Sign up is at the Student  Recreation and Fitness Center, the deadline to sign up is May 5, at 6 p.m. The trip is open to anyone that is 18 and older. Students and SRFC Members: $33 | Faculty, Staff and Alumni: $44 | Affiliate: $55 | Community Members: $66.

On Friday, May 6 the SRFC’s van will depart at 4 p.m. and participants will hike up approximately seven miles and after arriving at the summit, they’ll enjoy the sunset and eat their dinner. On the way back to the van, only the moon will be out to guide participants back along with leaders and guides.
The view from the summit will overlook Palm Springs and there will be wonderful views of the wilderness.
Participants will arrive back on campus at about 11 p.m. that same day.
One important note, the participants will shed their pants when they reach the mountains, they should remain fully clothed while at CSUSB.
No Pants Day may seem like a silly thing to most people, but in reality it’s all in good fun. Participants in this holiday should only shed their pants where it will be acceptable, not somewhere where you’re going to get in trouble for indecent exposure.
As with most CSUSB Outdoors trips, no experience is required and there will be people to guide you along the trail.
Don’t forget to leave your pants at home on May 6!