Coyote’s Diner Den with pupusas


By: Koby Heramil | Staff Writer |

Real authentic Salvadoran food in the Inland Empire is hard to find.  Most restaurants are located in Los Angeles, but who wants to travel such a distance just to get their Salvadoran crave on!

The authenticity of El Paraiso Salvadoreno, a restaurant off of Kendall, only starts with their food.  Walking into the “hole-in-the-wall” the atmosphere surrounds customers with a Salvadoran feel.

You will find video games to the left, a pool table to your far right, a jukebox straight ahead and on the left several coin machines to earn little prizes.

The business is family owned, which adds the authentic feel to someone who maybe looking for that.

They specialize in pupusas, which are a traditional Salvadoran food hand made from corn masa and stuffed with pork, cheese and beans.

Eating a pupusa I experienced nothing but a savory delicious taste.  They serve their pupusas hot and the choice of topping it off with their relished cabbage or tomato sauce.  Trust me you’re going to want more than one pupusa!

I like to enjoy my pupusas smothered in tapatio along with the restaurant’s red, chunky and mildly spicy salsa.  The burnt cheese oozing from the sides of the pupusa is my favorite part.  And to top it all off, the burning sensation of a mandarin flavored Jarritos’ soda going down my throat.

Plate prices range anywhere from $6 to $10.  Business is open Monday – Saturday from 6:00PM – 8:00PM.

However the restaurant serves 99-cent pupusas every Thursday all day long.  The deal goes only for their bean or cheese and bean pupusas.  On Wednesday select bottles of beer are just $2.

The waiting service isn’t a hassle, just walk in and choose your seating.  Momentarily water, chips and salsa will be brought to your table.

While your snacking on the chips and salsa begin looking through their menu.  The menu lists food from El Salvador and Mexico with drinks and my favorite Jarritos!

I also enjoy their tacos with the choice of meat including beef, pork and chicken.  Another type of food that they serve is guaraches, which are like sopes.

Waiters at El Paraiso Salvadoreno greet their customers with a friendly attitude.  Because I’m a regular they’ve gotten to know me, especially on Thursdays.

Don’t worry about the bill and having to wave down the waiter. A simply walk to the cashier and you’re done.

If ever in need of a place to hold any special events, the restaurant rents out their place with a choice of having them cater as well.

Are you a hungry student looking for a place to eat and not one that hurts the wallet? Come and try a taste of El Paraiso Salvadoreno.

The restaurant is located 974 Kendall Dr. Suite 7-8, San Bernardino, CA. 92407.  Contact them at (909) 886- 6575.


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