Coyotes Better Off On Bikes

Lizbeth Lopez |Staff Writer|

For those of you that live close to campus and drive your car to CSUSB, I would like to propose a more cost friendly, time efficient and healthier mode of transportation for you to consider: cycling.

We have all hopefully gotten a chance to ride a bike at some point in our life and if you haven’t, it is not too late to learn.

We live with inconsistent oil prices and with this economy we are forced to cut from other budgets just to put gas in the car.

According to, the average American household spends $368.09 a month on gasoline. That is averaging around $4,400 a year on just transportation alone.

Consider how much your car does cost you. If you crunch all the numbers you can save more than $4,400 a year taking the initiative to cycle instead of driving everywhere.

The study also showed that even when comparing the average gas prices with median incomes nationwide, U.S. households spent nearly 9 percent of their total income on gas.

You can go on the Internet and look up bicycles. On average a bicycle will cost you between $100 and $300 at your local retail store. A bike is a bike, some are more flashier than others, but for transportation purposes any bike will do the trick.

You also get to add an additional $102 each quarter, that’s $408 a year because you would no longer need a parking permit. As a bonus you will not have trouble finding a parking spot.

It is more cost effective to commute on a bicycle rather than driving a car every day to school. A bicycle is a one-time investment, after you have the bike and a lock to go with it you are set.

Bicycles also are less labor-intensive, and less expensive to repair compared to automobiles.

There are more than just monetary benefits to riding a bicycle though.

According to cycling has seven major benefits; it is good for your heart, muscles, waist line, lifespan, coordination, better for your mental health and strengthens your immune system.

This is important because our bodies will begin to malfunction and break down from the happenings of everyday life.

There is no better time to take care of our health than right now. We have the opportunity to maintain a strong heart or put an unhealthy one on the right track.

What you may not know is that riding a bike is also a great low-impact mode of exercise for those that may have joint conditions or injuries to the legs or hips.

Of course, riding a bicycle is a great way to tone and build the lower half of the body like your calves, thighs and rear end. These are just added external benefits to the more important internal ones.

But let’s face it, most women are driven by vanity and this constant pressure of  looking thin drives us to watch our weight.

Bicycling is a great way to burn calories and recent research reported by has found that bicycling has been closely related to helping keep weight gain down.

Cycling has been linked with improving mental health and we need all the mental health we can get our hands on.

You can have fun customizing your bicycle with different colors, baskets, bells and more to make it fit to your personality.

You can also look for different ways to increase your bike’s efficiency.

Riding a bike could become a way of life for you even after you are out of school and graduate.

Commuting by bike is a one-time investment that will give you long term benefits economically and help you live a healthier lifestyle.

When your transportation is your exercise, any busy college student can stay healthy all while saving money. I think that’s a really economic equation.



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