Coyote Women’s soccer draw with Broncos 1-1

By Luis Escobar |Staff Writer|

Coyotes women’s soccer had a tough match with the Cal Poly Pomona Broncos on Saturday Oct. 4, ending in a 1-1 draw, out in the CSUSB’s Premier Field.

Coyotes let the Broncos know they were hungry for goals when senior midfielder Steffany De La Torre took the first shot of the game in the 11th minute, but was blocked by Cal Poly’s goal keeper Ricki Ives.

Coyotes dominated possession of the ball in the first half of the game, freshman midfielder Gabby Evaristo made the first goal 12 minutes into the game.

Sophomore forward Ebony Squier was there with the assist, which allowed Evaristo to drive the ball past the opposing goal keeper into the bottom right of the net, giving Evaristo her first goal of the season.

The women’s defense was really put into action in the 33rd minute when the Broncos had a one-on-one breakaway against junior goalkeeper Emily Whyte.

Whyte managed to stop the run by getting to the ball before the Broncos took their shot.

With the ball still in the box, the defense was able to clear the area before the Broncos had any chance of bringing the game to a draw.

Coyotes were able to fire off two shots in the first half while the Broncos gave six.

Although not winning in shot attempts, the Coyotes were able to keep the lead for the first half of the game.

“We came out strong in the first half, but we kind of let down with all their pressure in the second half,” said junior coyote goalkeeper Megan Vina.

Out of the 21 shots taken towards Vina throughout the entire second half, only one was driven past her in the 65th minute by Cal Poly’s Ariana Fleischman, bringing the score to a draw.

The pressure rose in the second half as the Coyotes were fighting off the Broncos to try and keep their lead.

“They [Boncos] were really high pressure, but they were an okay team,” said freshman Coyote midfielder Tiffany Lang.

With the quick reactions from Vina, she was able to stop the long shot coming from Cal Poly’s Sommer Larrabee by tapping the ball just wide enough to bounce off the post.

However, it took another three shots to finally get the ball in the back of Megan Vina’s net.

With the score all tied up, and the clock running down on time, the Coyotes gave their all to try and fly another ball to the back of the Broncos net to put them in the lead.

Coyote junior forward Megan Todd had a rocketing shot towards the opposing goal keeper, but the ball flew just a few inches over the crossbar.

Although there were still numerous amounts of shots, no more goals were able to separate these two teams which led into two overtime halves.

“We came off a three win winning streak… We hope to keep winning and stay in first place,” said Vina.


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